GOSSIP is for the COWARD, the SHORT-SIGHTED, the NAÏVE and the FOOL. It is a SILLY COMMITMENT to PEDDLING, SHARING and ASSOCIATING with INFORMATION you CANNOT USE. At the TWILIGHT of LIFE, there’s NEVER enough PEACE for the GOSSIP. This is WISDOM: That ANY INFORMATION that CANNOT POSITIVELY IMPACT on your PERSONAL GROWTH and DESTINY ADVANCEMENT is a TOOL of GOSSIP. May I NEVER FORGET that GOSSIP is COWARDICE; and ONLY the INTERNALLY WEAK are PLEASURED by it. By this definition, you CAN GOSSIP ALONE…even if ALL you do is WATCH a TV program or READ a MAGAZINE alone…as long as the information you are RELATING with in there CANNOT ADVANCE you or ADD to your NECESSARY GROWTH, it’s an ACT of GOSSIP. In this ACT, you MUST AGREE that you are UNPROFITABLE, WEAK and SILLY.

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  1. Angel Stephen

    I really luv innoventn pple are brngng up nw its encouragng

  2. Key thought sir,I’m inspired.thank U????? for who you are ????? represent.cheers

  3. gossip! weak information, by weak people to a weak end.

  4. Bukey Duyile

    YES!! I absolutely agree with you. Gossip is for weak minds. its FANS never have a mind of their own and if they do, they have a high opinion of themselves. For want of a better phrase, they are INDEPENDENTLY FOOLISH and PROUDLY IGNORANT.

  5. Oluwaseyifunmi


    I pray a lot of people will realise this…

    Am copying and pasting on my Fb page…


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