Though POSSESSING a WINNING POTENTIAL that CAN RULE the WORLD, Our People OVER-RATE their CONTENTS and UNDER-RATE their IGNORANCE so much that their “TRUE” NEXT LEVELS in LIFE will “ALWAYS REMAIN KNOWN by them, at times, by ALL, BUT sadly UNATTAINABLE” only because they WILL NOT DECIDE what is UNNECESSARY in their  PRESENT and WILL NOT EMBRACE the DISCIPLINES inherent in a PREVAILING PRESENT. But the SEEMING COMFORT of WEAK RESULTS in a WEAK SYSTEM, CELEBRATED by WEAK MINDS can keep those people EXCITED…yet, they REMAIN at their BEST, ONE-EYED KINGS in the LAND of the BLIND...And at their WORST, “NOBODYs”.

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  1. i wish i could write so good like you do in your posts.

    • But you can. It only takes openness to learn and the discipline to follow instructions. With these two, you can learn anything. I can teach you.

  2. good post i enjoy reading this site

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