My FOOLISHNESS must NOT SHOCK the WORLD. It is the PREROGATIVE of my OBSERVERS to DISCERN and ACCEPT the TRUTH that the PLATFORM of my FOOLISHNESS, as well as that of other FOOLS, is the ONLY WAY QUALITY and EXCELLENCE can be DEFINED. It’s NOTHING COMPLEX really—the COMMONNESS of FOOLISHNESS is the variable that SECURES the RELEVANCE of WISDOM. SOMEONE will have to be FOOLISH for WISDOM to CONTINUE to have VALUE. While we DON’T HAVE to be foolish in order to be wise; SADLY, some will ENDURE the SLAVERY of FOOLISHNESS before they can attain their DUE wisdom. It’s EITHER you are the FELLOW or you are NOT. It’s that SIMPLE.

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  1. TRUTH Sir!!!!!
    Until your foolishness is displayed or heard; and most importantly audited, you may never know that you can be foolish, or you are foolish in some areas and ways.

  2. Joseph temitope daniel

    That is true sir and thanks for the enlightenment

  3. Williams Adegoke

    Great work,sir. Wt all needed guts and commitment,I strongly desire to be mentored by U. I av listened to u talk on several platforms and really desire to av an uncommon mentor like U.pls,sir,permit me to blow ur trumpet a bit, U ar an uncommon speaker and leader of men.pls,I’ll b glad if this request is granted. Thanx,sir.– Goke Williams.


  5. Truth! Foolishness is not a sin but might destroy if pride obstruct the necessary transformation in due time. …to say ‘I’ve never been foolish before’ is an evidence of foolishness. Well said sir, am learning consciously from you, thanks

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