Welcome to today’s snippet of LESSONS from FAILURE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN aired on SMOOTH 98.1. My focus on the show this morning was on PROBLEMS. I have said again and again that few have failed as much as i have. I’ve lost a lot to failure and i have also gained a lot from it. Failure has given me a mental posture towards so-called problems. I learnt it the hard way but it’s free for you here. You see, the three most important things in life after God, are PEOPLE, PLACES and EVENTS. The inter-play of these three creates your life; and correctly interpreting them is arguably the critical difference in people. These three variables create your reality, and when reality is wrongly interpreted, we naively create what we call PROBLEMS. If problems do exist, our most noble commitment should be to master how to solve them…every time. Problems are NEW EXPERIENCES. Learn this, there is always a significant level of DISCOMFORT, UNEASINESS and sometimes FEAR and ANXIETY that comes from the FRESHNESS of a NEW EXPERIENCE, or contact with the UNKNOWN. When you think you have a problem, it is because you have (either by your own foolishness, ignorance, unguarded outburst or untactful-ness or those of others) found yourself in a place your world-view terms as negative, shameful, painful or embarrassing. Whichever way, that place is a place you have not been before or was a nasty experience the last time you were there or you heard or knew someone was there. So we call it a problem. No! It’s not a problem; it is a NEW EXPERIENCE. A NEW EXPERIENCE is a necessary ladder to your next level of relevance; and It is the human duty to hold it to be completely true and self-evident within us that what we call problems are what actually define the relevance and meaning of solutions. If pain is not a reality, then victories and testimonies will be meaningless; as we ONLY celebrate a victory and sing songs of testimony because the situation initially held a potential for pain, shame, embarrassment or even death. Don’t forget that whatever you are going through now can get worse if you don’t get the right thinking and perception. Truth is, we all possess the power to make anything what it will be. It is in your hands!


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  2. Wow! This is absolutely true sir. You are immensely blessed! Perception is powerful. Many of our daily life experiences either negative or positive are determined by how we perceive reality. The truth is, our perception is a crucial determinant of our outcomes. It is how we perceive a problem that increases or decreases the weight of the outcome. I believe very strongly that as wisdom is critical for a smooth journey through life, so is perception a precursor to the exercise of wisdom.

  3. Perception is key!!!

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