I am filled with high energy this morning and woke up with some anger and from my rare experience; I want to pour it all on young people this morning. I feel responsible to address the young African mind of the 21st century and what his relationship with idea and ideation should be. I believe this is one of the most important resource for any young mind. Part of the challenge of course is this; young people don’t see themselves as their nation’s most critical human resource factor and so do not place necessary demands on their individual creativity; which equally means they do not really associate the word “creativity” with “profits” or with “career growth”. For most, creativity is a reserve for the artistic world!

Creativity always demands that the creator innovates despite the reality of the possibility of been rejected or loosing the idea. Creativity demands that we act despite the risk — not because of the risk nor the absense of it. Where most of us miss it is this: while CREATIVITY is GENERATING IDEAS; INNOVATION is ACTING on them. CREATIVITY is NOT INNOVATION, it is only a process in it. In reality, the nature of business is highly creative and a young person should create demand where it doesn’t exist through original ideas. Unknown to most people, young minds are the ones truly vested with the responsibility of creating ideas; and in a nation where more than 70% of its people are between age 30 and below, the nation should be swimming in amazing wealth! But instead, young people are operating like middle-aged failure waiting for the government to be right and all systems be in place before they can run and win. If that is the only part way to success, then how did all the successful people all over the nation come as far as they have?

I only truly respect young people who are able to take responsibility for the creative use of ideas to generate and sustain customer satisfaction and consequently wealth for themselves, their organizations and their country.

A creative posture simply opens up the economy to an endless market. For most youths, there is a hesitation to task themselves in this regard, while some are internally weak and mentally deficient to take responsibility for what they must do. I’m persuaded that not to create for whatever reason is a waste of potential, but to not innovate is a curse on the soul and an attack on humanity. Get out there, roll up your sleeves and prove your youth. Get a picture, pick a new dream and get it running. Take a risk!

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  1. This is brilliant sir! I do believe young minds ought to leave their comfort zone and make something outta themselves…

  2. Sincerely all youth must ve it in mind that they need 2 take up responsibility if they want 2 b ahead

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