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imagesWelcome to SMOOTH-LIFE on Smooth 98.1. Strengths, weaknesses and what we think about them actually go a long way to determine what we all make out of life. Most people seem to be quite interested in finding out what their strengths are and bolstering them; what their weaknesses are and hiding behind them. It has been well documented that our good intentions notwithstanding, our positive efforts to attain our dreams, live consistently with our values or positively impact the community we live in; we are often sabotaged by our destructive behavioral patterns.

Millions in hours and Naira are spent annually on psychiatrists’ couches, prison blocks, physical therapy units, church counseling departments, company strategy sessions, and in earnest and sometimes violent conversations with our loved ones, colleagues and superiors, all in a bid to combat or cope with one identified weakness or the other. What if I tell you that the whole idea of a weakness may just not be totally true? Will it mean there would be no limit to what you achieve on your own or in conjunction with your team? Get ready to embrace the empowering new paradigm that emphasizes that only one determining factor is permitted to shape your life: your choice.

Our weaknesses, are those behavioral patterns, those indulgences that we mistakenly believe we must persist in or that we can afford to tolerate or even, that we can do nothing about and yet, which has a direct negative effect on our effectiveness. There’s rarely a so-called weakness that is not traceable to a wrong attitude. We can however, use our CONSCIENCE and WILL to DISCERN and EMBRACE our NECESSARY OPTIONS per time. We can actually determine our CHOICE of ATTITUDE. For me to ignore this possibility is to ENSLAVE MY SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY to a STATE of HELPLESSNESS that keeps me weak and out of the picture in establishing the OUTCOMES I PREFER. WEAKNESS is a CHOICE and its POTENCY is a SCRIPT.

Every disability is actually the proof of the existence and availability, at an initial level, of a unique and unpopular ability because in spite of the seeming disability, the so-called “disabled” have performed incredible feats in business, the academics and the art, even employing “able-bodied” people. So what’s the weakness? Worry, irritability, anger, inability to juggle tasks on the job, slow thinking, failure to keep to time, masturbation, even compulsive drinking, drug addiction and all other such habits and traits we term as weaknesses and use to mask indiscipline and ignorance. Any so-called weakness outside the physically impaired or irreparable state of being is really a problem of perception, discipline and knowledge. We can do anything we truly want to do, if we embrace the responsibility to prepare and discipline ourselves.

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  1. Mobolaji Banke

    Micheal Bolton, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, John Nash, Maria Runyan; these are all admirable personalities that have become more like legends because they were able to make groundbreaking feats regardless of their disabilities which ranged from down-syndrome, deaf and/or blindness to learning disabilities. EVERYONE has what it takes to not only succeed but also be relevant… no excuses!

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