HOMELAND “Smooth 98.1”

images 3Today on HOMELAND on Smooth 98.1. I spoke on a popular idea to never let up and never give up but I have come to understand that the “Don’t Give Up” skill is not more important than the “Give up” skill- because in actual fact, being able to give up or not give up as at when appropriate are “skills”. Either of them or both of them will be needed at different times and at different crossroads in life.

There is so much hope in this polity that people have lost their sense of variation and mission. The last guy that told me he will never give up has finally given up the ghost. And that’s what happens when you hold on to something that possesses no capacity to expand and grow. Some keep a vision that is in itself noble, but with a wrong timing. Imagine pursuing a vision to sell typewriters in today’s computer age. One great characteristic of Nelson Mandela is expressed in the fact that he understood his mission and its time. He never tried to pursue a 2nd, 3rd or 4th term in office. He was willing to give up when he realized it was the necessary thing to do.

There is a time to give up. Conviction is either the beginning of truth or error. The very fact that you are convinced about a project does not mean it is right or it will work out. Have you considered the fact that every time you were wrong you actually thought you were right? Meaning, you can be so sure and yet be so wrong. Conviction therefore must be the beginning of research and fact finding. The more convinced you are about a project the more you want to check it out. Many of us are running on unverified convictions; we conceive an idea and just run with it. And our assurance lies in the fact that as long as we persist we will eventually breakthrough but this is not always the case. There is a time to persist and a time to give up. We must always at each point in our lives consider what is necessary for us per time. Objectivity is key in all our pursuits. Objectivity is what leads us to double check our convictions. Objectivity is what flashes the signal when it is time to give up. It is therefore imperative we master the art of giving up. As businessmen, workers, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands and students knowing when to give up may be the determinant between failure and success, life and death. So before you give up the ghost, Please Give Up!

Share your experiences with me and other in your comments. Let’s do this again on Monday. Go!

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  1. …More trouble for me again,I cannot even tell the meaning of life. Life is really so deep that only shallow people think they have got a mastery of it.
    God has just got to help us because man at his best could still be very wrong.
    God bless you P.K for taking us out of our comfort zones and making us more aware.

  2. To not conclude at conviction
    and that even giving up is a skill I need for some time…

    Honestly, I could be very impulsive and I’ve taken several steps at conviction.

    There are times I had given up or wanted to but felt guilt and shame.
    NOW a better light is here… It comfirms a lot.

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