LESSONS from FAILURE “Smooth 98.1”

imagesWelcome to LESSONS from FAILURE on Smooth 98.1.  I have shared time and time again about how I have failed severally in life and how the promotion and upliftment that I enjoy today is by the grace of God. I have had a dark past and I have learnt for my mistakes and allowed them to instruct my life now.

People believe that their failures are supposed to be shameful but I believe otherwise. Failure should instruct and instill wisdom. You know my story and if you don’t, visit http://olakunlesoriyan.com/revamped/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/PKProfile.pdf.  But that’s me. I’d want you to share some of the lessons you have learnt from (m)any of your failures in a way that can instruct and inspire readers here to interpret their realities better and discern their options clearly. What failures have you experienced and how did you experience a turnaround as a result of the lessons you learnt?

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  1. This post reminds me of the greatest failure I’ve ever encountered in my life. It was after my wedding, being that I got married at a young age of 27. I got overwhelmed, started thinking of how I can handle the financial responsibilities of family with the same salary income level as I was earning as a bachelor. To worsen the case, my employer slashed pay due to the economic melt down. These threw me into attitude slump. I was depressed and my performance on the job sucked.
    Do you know that a month prior to this, my boss had already recommended me so a promotion and when the letter finally came, he held on to it because the Uche he knew before is a 100% changed Uche – in a negative direction.
    In the face of this, I was pushed to look inwards and I was inspired to develop my hobbies – reading, writing and teaching. This gave birth to my starting a blog on personal growth, entrepreneurship and direct sales marketing – MLM.
    Today, I’m a far better and happier person and I share this story every time I’m speaking to younger people as well as fellow sales people.

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