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images 4Welcome to CONNECT on Smooth 98.1. What if I tell you we all don’t have to be parents? Yes! So, if and when we choose to, responsibility demands that we make all necessary sacrifice to protect the life of an innocent child who didn’t apply to visit the world. Parenting is a primary characteristic instinct in all animal species to care and protect their little ones. If wild animals do it effectively, the human who fails at it must be worse than a beast. Parenting spells responsibilities for the parent; which is, essentially, to raise the children, to take an active part in guiding them or steering them on the way to becoming mature adults for the fulfillment of their unique and God-given destinies. Parenting clearly involves nurturing and teaching a child.

Over 400,000,000 abandoned children live on their own on the streets of hundreds of cities around the world. They subsist from hand to mouth. They struggle to just survive the day. Authorities estimate that child pornography is a $20 billion a year industry and too many abandoned children end up as victims of this deviant activity. UNICEF estimates that nearly 1,000,000 children enter the sex trade every year. Experts also estimate that nearly 10,000,000 children are working as prostitutes, with nearly 90% of them girls. All across the globe, children are subjugated to various forms of ills.

On the streets of Nigeria, they are deployed as beggars bearing bowls and appealing to the sense of empathy of passers-by and motorists. In Darfur, the Congo and Somalia, they are armed with weapons and thrust into the horrors of war to kill or be killed. They are trafficked from Africa to Europe, from parts of Asia to America. All across the world, millions of kids are set adrift by irresponsible parents. Some of these examples are emotionally disturbing but we need not go that far to find children at the mercy of the odds, and their destinies threatened by uncommitted or just simply sincere but ignorant parents. Yes, we need not go that far. We find them in mansions, attending plush schools, lacking nothing except that which is all the more crucial to their being successful adults – parental care and attention.

Child bearing is not a frivolous endeavor that is carried out to satisfy society’s expectations. No single child should lack anything his or her individuality deserves. And as long as there is a child out there lacking the resources, attention, respect, dignity and education his or her existence deserves, our society remains incomplete. My greatest struggle is not all I have said. My heart break comes from the mere thought that all I have said may continue to exist even 100years from now. If it does, it means our capacity to feel is damaged! It means we are all dead, though physically alive.


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