LESSONS from FAILURE “Smooth 98.1”

loggosWelcome to LESSONS from FAILURE on SMOOTH-LIFE. Today, I want to focus on being dispassionate. Where I sit as a mentor and coach, there’s a pattern I’ve seen time and time again that consistently prevents people from achieving their highest potential. This pattern is being TOO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THE RESULT. While being focused on a specific result is good, people are always too emotionally attached to what they are doing so much that they are not able to make tough decisions, even when those decisions will affect what they consider to be critical.

Whether as a perpetual or occasionally state of existence, every time you allow yourself to value the end more than the beginning, or value the end more than the process that leads to the end, you stamp yourself as a dabbler, initiating self-incubated attacks against what you love so dearly. The idea is, with any goal you are pursuing, there is always pre-science and science to everything. Pre-science is seeing the end from the beginning; science is being clear about the process. You cannot feel the frustration and disappointment that comes from not achieving something, except you have allowed yourself to miss the process.

You must always remind yourself that there are most likely certain skills and habits that you first need to learn and master before you are capable of producing the result that you want. This is probably the most ignored part of a visionary commitment. People are able to easily ignore process because it takes time, trial and error. No matter who you are or how smart you are, during the process leading to the achievement of your goals, there will always be failures and many ups and downs. You just have to master the process and when you do, you will be able to easily create the results again and again.

The PROCESS is more important than the RESULTS.  This principle applies to all areas of your life. And never forget that the person who is least attached to the outcome is most likely to achieve the outcome. You owe it to yourself, to the countless number of people whose progress in life is tied to your progress and to those coming after you, to always be clear about where you are going, but most importantly, be calm, focused, patient and dispassionate enough to always stay true to the idea of mastering the process.  With this mentality, you’ll be successful in life and I promise you, you will achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

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