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Welcome to a fresh edition of SMOOTH-LIFE on smooth 98.1. I give this day to women because they are awomenspic group of people I consider as probably God’s most fantastic creation. So, I focus on the working woman today. Please note that my working woman is not necessarily the woman working 8 to 5 in a corporate environment…though she’s part of it. My working woman is not just the working woman leading a role in the business world as an entrepreneur…though she’s part of it as well. My working woman will therefore be a productive woman—a woman making necessary and forceful, compelling impact and contribution within her area of influence. Now, we all understand that movement does not mean progress; and motion does not connote advancement. So, a lot of movement in the corporate world, business world, in politics or what have you,- will not necessarily imply a necessary, forceful, and compelling impact and contribution within an area of influence. No! Also, though very important and a critical part of the equation of relevance, a woman earning money or a woman with independent income does not fully capture my definition of a working woman, as long as she’s not making necessary and forceful, compelling impact and contribution within her area of influence. So, common denominator, irrespective of what the woman is engaged in, is the platform of forceful and compelling impact and contribution in the life of the woman…that’s my working woman.


Now, the world has too many women making money compared to those making impact. Though few, we have too many women wearing the best suits, shoes, wearing the best perfumes, the most expensive artificial hair, from Brazilian to Liberian…too many driving the best cars, flying the latest jets, living by the beach in Miami or the Bahamas or Lekki; yet the world needs more impact and history making women. Personally, I’m not inspired by the idea of having popular and pretty ladies all over the place; I’m rather inspired by the simple and noble idea of the contributions of female change agents that our societies desperately needs. The world is tired of fine girls, pretty ladies and sweet mama’s; the world is rather starved of power-thinking, emotionally intelligent, socially and economically impactful women. Women feel special because of the shape of their nose, the length of their legs, the pigmentation of their skin, the weight of their wardrobe, the attention they get in public; others feel less because of the believe of what they think they lack…but almost none…obviously a very small number measure how special they are by the impact and contribution they make. Africa in particular is tired of fine girls, pretty ladies and famous stars; the continent is starved of power-thinking, emotionally intelligent, socially and economically impactful women. Now, I have a challenge for men. I throw this challenge to men because interestingly, they hold a powerful key. What men think about women is a critical factor in how women think about themselves. It’s sad but it’s true. So, the next time you meet a lady, I challenge every man out there to consider the idea of refusing to assess and rate her by how she looks, what she’s wearing, what she’s driving or her phonetics. Instead, assess her by the strength of her thinking, the depth of her knowledge, and as you engage, watch out for the content of her character. Many will fail this test and society may be better for it. But may the women who pass this test and those interested in passing it find more space in society. May those who fail the test take the back stage till they are ready to raise their game. However, it will be necessary I take you through some history, that to be fair, for generations, the female gender has had to respond, creatively and adroitly to enormous challenges; that is significantly attributed to the discrimination and supremacist posture of the male gender. History is replete with stories of assault on the female—physical, psychological and emotional assaults. Women are generally treated as trophies of war; and objects acquired as evidence of wellbeing, wealth and success. Globally, women are regarded as an addendum to inanimate objects. It is deep torture to imagine the fact that women are perceived as evidence of weakness in the man; such that when a man is thought to be weak, he is derogatorily referred to as BEHAVING LIKE A WOMAN. The woman is therefore subjected to untold subjugation and labeled as the intellectually inferior half of the human race. This continuous harassment and scripted relegation and rejection has now been further institutionalized and reinforced by the societal standards of honor, respect, dignity, progress and development; sometimes by very brutal means. But please don’t let this history and fact pour all the blame on the man for his wrong belief, wrong posture and wrong perception about women. You’ll need more history here. You see, Women themselves have, for a very long time, simply empowered the ignorance of men by refusing to accept and take responsibility for the outcomes they prefer. Most women even like to feel helpless and weak as a market penetration or attention generating tool through self-pity and public sympathy. The man has been left to be in charge for too long; and to be fair on the man, he has not done badly. He has built the pyramid in Egypt, created merchant banking, went to the moon, made our airplanes, created the airforce, made our cars, our phones, our computers, our wigs and braids, shoes, perfumes and clothes. He has done far more than I can possibly mention. Yet, the man, at his best, can only do a lot, he can never do enough. Understand this wisdom: Humanity and the world that contains it, cannot experience its full potential when the players and stakeholders in it refuse to take responsibility for the highest level of their human potential. The world is designed to advance by the creativity, innovation, discipline and power synergy of all the principal actors of engagement and exchange in it; otherwise called men and women. Both genders are needed to think, work, love, relate, synergize and live at the highest level possible for the world to come to its highest level of existence. This is wisdom. It is time for a new kind of women to step up to the plate; to begin to communicate a new kind of standard that turns the head of men, not just their bodies or what they drive. Africa needs women of strength to make great contributions. And the future will be grateful for it.


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  1. oghenekome sylvia ubiene

    Yet another inspiring word from PK, the female essence goes beyond make-up. Jewelries and clothes, its far deeper than all this. Its a high calling to build, nurture and protect the human race. That even when the men are failing, the women can uphold them and correct them. Submission doesn’t only include being a good wife, but being a dream achiever and dream propeller. Its my desire to strike the change needed and to be an active part of the vision and ideas needed to build a great nation. Thank you PK, and God bless you for us.

  2. Oyebanjo Adeniyi

    how I wish my girl friend can read this

  3. Dis is wat our world need may we adopt dis change i pray many understand U

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