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On-Meaningful-Coincidences-4Welcome to SMOOTH-LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN. We are on SMOOTH 98.1, and every Tuesday on SMOOTH-LIFE  daily show by 7  am,  I focus on LESSONS FROM FAILURE. Now, my experience in a life of ups and downs has thought me that coincidences are not ordinary; and they are created…every time. And whether you are a Christian, Muslim or whatever religion you practice or if you practice nothing, this is for you. See, In 1660, a ship sank in the Dover straits. The only survivor was named Hugh Williams. In 1769, a second ship sank in the Dover straits. The only survivor was named Hugh Williams. In 1820, a ship capsized on the Thames. The only survivor was named Hugh Williams. In 1940, a ship was destroyed by a German mine. Only two men survived; a man and his nephew. They were both named…Hugh Williams. Also, Hitler, Stalin and Franz Josef are collectively responsible for more than 79,000,000 deaths. But do you know the three of them lived in Vienna at the same time and frequently walked in the same park? These just cannot be accidents. Whether coincidences are meaningful or are nothing; is always a debate in the minds of almost everyone. But hindsight has established that almost every coincidence has a destiny-making or a destiny-destroying content. Whichever way, our talent for discerning, noticing, interpreting and manipulating them is very critical.

Now, my experiences and studies have shown me that coincidences are orchestrated circumstances. Believe me they are. They are synchronised events; and there are three forces planning everything in your life and you are one of them. Through every seeming coincidence, a meaning or message is conveyed to the observer by the situation, and your interpretation is critical to your continued existence.

The first force that creates coincidences is: satanic orchestrations. It’s a force. That is, arrangements from the evil world to slow down or hinder your highest potential by introducing people into your life, unsuspectingly guide you to people, events and places that will achieve a series of evil intents to end you.

Two, coincidences are also created by divine orchestrations of God to pace you and ensure you finish your journey of life with meaning and nostalgia. Again, God only does this with the same tools of people, events and places. This is the second force; and at every point in time, these two worlds are working tenaciously to achieve their ends in your life through people, events and places; and which if one of them will win per time is tied to the third force of coincidences.

The third force that creates coincidences is your mind. Your thoughts create the events of your life. Opportunities for good or for bad come in the direction of your dominant thoughts. What you think and what you believe are forces strong enough to create the circumstances of your life. Coincidences are based on the activity of the mind, and are actually caused by the person who perceives them, and reflect many levels of their consciousness. What we believe and the way we look for patterns in the world attracts people, generates events and leads us to places that mirror our own assumptions. Every human being actually possess the power to actually create events and inevitably cocreate reality. We co-create our reality as our thought patterns agree with the plans of evil or the good plans of God as revealed earlier. If your thoughts and beliefs align with the plans of the evil world, you create negative coincidences that hold potential to destroy you. If they align with the good plans of God, you create positive coincidences that hold potential to lift you and greatly transform your entire life for good.

Life as a whole is people sensitive, event sensitive and location sensitive. The contents of your life, your joy or misery, wealth or poverty are determined by the people you welcome into your life, the events you allow yourself to experience and the places you allow yourself to see. You are a creative machine and your thoughts and beliefs are the engine. Gain control of thoughts and beliefs. And use that control to interpret the objectives of the people you allow into your life, use is to interpret the events of your life, and use it to determine the places you find yourself in. Nothing is accidental. Stop saying ‘It just happened, and it doesn’t mean anything.’ Every time you think or talk like that, you confirm your commonness, naiveté, short-sightedness and ignorance. It doesn’t just happen, it is synchronized and orchestrated. We are actually hardwired to connect anomalies in a meaningful way. Many of the remarkable feats our brains regularly perform—including our ability to learn the meaning of words or decode the unspoken laws of social decorum depend on our penchant for noticing coincidences.

The adversaries of today and tomorrow are no longer strangers, and they do not necessarily appear in strange places. They are people closest to us and in places we can say we know. In fact, criminal investigators, mathematicians, cognitive scientists and paranormal researchers are applying the tools of statistics and probability to tease out just where coincidences lie on the bell curve of everyday experience. 99% of event is such that they always signify something? Everything happens in your life for a reason; some to make you and some to destroy you. It is your duty to know the difference. Your dominant thinking and your beliefs create your life for you. They determine the people, events and places of your life. And your discernment and interpretation of the people, events and places is the difference between divorce and a good marriage, between poverty and wealth, between loss and gain, between shame and honour, between living life as it should and been killed by a ritual killer set-up by your tenant, or cheated by a friend, or jilted by a guy, or deceived by business partners, or raped by a father in incest, raped by a cousin, a spiritual brother or a religious mentor, or attacked by police officers you ran to for safety or robbed by thieves managed by your driver or mechanic. I pray you understand me. Your entire life might just depend on it. There are no coincidences; and there’s a reason for everything.



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  1. P.K always amazes me with the kind of knowledge he communicates.

  2. oluwafemi akindoyin


  3. Sir, I salute you as always. Your wisdom is far enriching sir. I really concur with you on the role our minds play in bringing to pass the intentions if God in our lives. And how that would attract the right people, events and enable us to be at the right places at the right time.

    May God continue to strengthen you sir.

    Looking forward to more of this sir.
    Femi Ikotun.

  4. Are you serious about the Hugh Williams?
    I’m impressed at how DIFFERENTLY you could see things.
    Great one Sire!

  5. Reblogged this on one world and commented:
    And the fact is, one just has to learn or they’ll keep on failing

  6. ihasuyi Paul saviour

    You are special and a rear breed to our dying world. God bless you sir

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