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bizzzzEvery Wednesday i focus on young people and the adults who interact with them. I want to focus a bit on career people and more on business enthusiasts today in a way that unlocks the need to review tools and strategies. Now, obviously, career people and entrepreneurs are economic drivers. They keep everyone running. We need people who create businesses and those who work for businesses to be on the cutting edge because they are the one to create the future jobs that delivers to the economy the purchasing power that creates a vibrant middle class that in turn create the multiplier effect that transforms the economy. We must always turn to them. There are so many young people functioning within this bracket and i desire that they focus on the real issues and not lose concentration as success begin to visit their various concerns. I share today a few very simple but vital and decisive thoughts to keep them relevant.

First shot is this: Every quarter, always ask this question, how can i be doing better in my current projects or engagements? On this question, you focus on capturing the lessons learnt quarterly in a document. Outline and record your best results you achieved for the customer and how you did it. Of course, you know a customer is anyone that is capable of rewarding you for your inputs and advance your life in anyway positive, including your boss, your colleagues, those following you, and those who buy your products or engage your service. Even parents and friends and neighbours are all your customers. Everybody is a customer in one relationship or the other; and everyone has a customer all the time. At every point in time, you are always relating with a customer. Some are tough and some are empathetic. Whichever way, creating and keeping customers is the strength of exchange. And if you learn to treat everyone…i mean everyone as a customer, you’ll be amazed at how your life, your business and career will be lifted. Next question is, how can i improve my delivery in the workplace or the marketplace? The delivery of your solutions, product or services reveals many aspects of your endeavour, and improving delivery is a crucial element to evolve your business.  Ask questions about how you can give customers a better experience in the market place or workplace. Always work on improving delivery. Try to do this quarterly. You will never be perfect, but you can perfectly improve.


“Have you Surveyed customers to measure satisfaction and look for opportunity?” It is best practice to conduct periodic customer satisfaction surveys, which are ideally completed immediately after a project or customer experience.  This type of survey is meant to capture the satisfaction of the customer in order to address issues or validate your processes and outcomes.   But, this type of survey can also help identify your customer’s motivation for doing business with you.  How did they come to Know, Like and Trust your business or you?  What problem was actually solved?  Understanding their level of satisfaction and why they do business with you is necessary input for your strategy and plans. If you are an employee, ask your uplines if you are meeting the objective for why you were hired. Do it quarterly. Ask what the standard for exceptional performance is and if you know it, ask if it has changed. Then, have you Validated your core difference and refine ideal customer definition? See, Successful businesses and great people always create the time to continually refine their core difference.  What may have helped you stand out from the crowd could become commonplace and obsolete in response to changing times, changing trends, tastes and changing markets. So, it’s your duty to defend your continued relevance by validating the “thing” that separates you from the competition. So put these questions together and create instant value.

Remember, coincidence is an orchestration for good or for bad. So, don’t take this lightly. It is wise to schedule a time quarterly or something…schedule a time to verify that the difference you have created is still attractive to your market or to your employers or those who believe in you generally. Whether you are an employee or employer, for the relevance of your concern, personal or corporate, a wise best practice is to narrow your market focus and this begins with a clear definition of your ideal customer. Review your current customers and validate their profile against your existing ideal customer thoughts.  If there are differences, you should consider their impact on your marketing strategy and adjust accordingly. Next is, “have you Updated your referral marketing system resources with current material? See, the testimony of a friend is higher than that of a sales man. The testimony of one satisfied customer is far higher than a million dollars in advertising budget. The best of you is locked in the testimony of key people who are experiencing you now. Unlock it. Referrals drive many small businesses and word of mouth advertisement is a significant means of business growth.  Your referral marketing engine needs to be periodically tuned with updates.

Know and keep to the rules for mentor-protégé relationships. After a while, ask them to take you to big meetings and events. Have them introduce you. Make them look good every time, and they’ll keep making you look good everywhere they go. It’s called a referral system and it’s your duty to build it. If you have questions about any of the checklist items or if you would like to discuss specific actions for your business, you are at complete liberty to contact my office. Always find the time to reflect and review. I mean, because you won the world cup championship this year does not excuse you from playing the next one if you have to remain the champion. Once you win, you become the defending champion; and You must always win the competition before you can be called a champion again…not because you were the previous winner. There has been no great course in history that ignored this wisdom. Caution is the strategy of kings and champions.

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