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Welcome to Friday.. Every Friday on SMOOTH-LIFE, i focus on the HOMELAND. Today i speak to our blessed nation Nigeria. I take a peep into what the critical objective of our next leaders must be in 2015. It is almost impossible that it will be what i wish for, i only pray and hope that by some act of providence, our next leaders will be empathetic about the future enough to accept that they have been blessed already; since no one can become the president of this great nation without clear financial security. I know that some people are so poor, all they have is money. So, i understand that a billion dollars is not enough for some people to stop asking how much money they can make, and start asking how much impact they can make. But i do pray that by a kind of divine orchestration, God will give this nation the kind of leaders who have transcended the limits of what money can provide, and are rather focus on the kind of change they can create that society can be grateful for. I have accepted that the difference between where we are as a people and where we hope to be socially and economically is tied to the empathy power centres; all over the nation can understand, appreciate, sustain and deploy. Empathy is the missing bridge between our collective desires as Nigerians and the ultimate placement we prefer as a nation.

By 2015, our next leaders must know that beyond suicide bombs and kidnappings, our dear country has been engaged in a subtle but deadly war. We are in a war against a great many of the norms we have allowed to pass for too long. We are at war against the limitations posed by infrastructural deficiencies and retrogressive policies. We are at war with poverty, shortage of clean water and food. We are at war with selfishness and greed. We are at war with our thinking. We are at war with ourselves. Actually, the people are angry! Our next leaders must work with the correct assumption that the people are angry; and getting more and more angry. For now, fortunately for our next leaders, the anger from these many wars is ONLY verbally directed at leadership but physically directed at our relationships. Our wives, husbands, children, friends, employees and employers, colleagues and associates are those who daily soak the impact of our anger; not the custodians of the system that incubates the frustration. But very soon…gradually… if the winning character and genius does not begin to emerge from the custodians of power, the people will take the anger to where they believe it foundationally belong.

I’ve said this to say that the change the world is unconsciously getting ready for is a global revolution of the way we live, love, and work. Change will come. When it does, it will leave some as victims in dishonour, shame and disgrace. It will leave others as true heroes and champions of today, and the inspirations for tomorrow’s people. Our leaders in 2015 now have the choice to respect change; and respect it enough to accept that change will come; and they as leaders must supply the requirements that the people seek or become the victim of nature—this is not me, it’s the content of history. And when the pain of history repeats itself, it is because those who experience the pain must be fools to have rejected the lessons of yesterday by allowing the pain to reoccur. This speaks volumes. But let him that has ear hear what the times are saying.

My goal is to narrow all manifestoes from any party down to one. Our leaders of 2015 must understand that they have no new agenda to focus on. They must accept that what Nigerians wanted before independence, is what they still want now in 2013. After many years of independence, the conditions of the people have not changed; as a matter of fact, they are now worse. But the lives of their leaders since independence are better; they are more famous, they have more money, bigger investments and top reputation capital earned at the expense of the people’s social and economic peace. More than territorial integrity, the people wanted equal opportunities, they wanted meaningful jobs for the masses of their children, they wanted adequate infrastructure that supports the creative expression and freedom their individuality deserves. Today…it looks like the goal of independence was to earn the right to self-destruct and to change the colour of oppression from white to black by empowering fellow blacks..fellow Africans..to oppress their own people. With independence achieved, all over Africa, nation after nation began a long and strange march towards growth and development that made development looked so complex and mysterious—a strange march that has taken more than fifty years in the wilderness of mismanagement, corruption and poverty and has left a generation dead and unfulfilled—without having seen the Promised Land—a promised land of quality education, rapid infrastructural development, and mass employment for its citizens. This is the complex history that lies at the base of the civil wars, wide spread poverty and disease that has ravaged the continent. But if we think in this manner about the people of 50years ago, we must think differently about the people of 2013 and the responsibility they must accept. Nigeria’s next leaders must know this and understand that these are the critical goals to defend in office. At no point in history has the majority ever provoked change. But please note that true and lasting change is not a call to violence. Violence is for the weak…it only breeds more violence no matter how successful it appears in its culmination. I have always maintained that the ABILITY to KILL is NOT a proof of STRENGTH. Unknown to many, the weakest missions are usually the ones very quick to engage violence as the only tool for the defence of legitimacy. Violence is actually the weakest expression of self as well as of thought. So, Violence for change, we must reject. Yet, True Change in itself is not an automated idea of nature—it has always been the prerogative of a few good non-violent minds.

We need a few good leaders in office. But more than the office, we need leaders everywhere—Non-violent but intellectually and emotionally wired elites, students, politicians, entrepreneurs and working class professionals who understand the urgency of the moment; who have a good idea of the odds against them and who have a clear desire to win and maximize their potential. This is a call to mental and emotional weaponry. May our leaders see. God bless Nigeria.




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  1. Well said Kunle….i listen to your views and insight everyday on Smooth 98.1fm………Bless you my brother.

  2. A call to duty!!!

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  4. Wish our leaders will see this, God bless Nigeria

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