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images (7)I have decided to dedicate Today, and the whole of this week to those working for businesses. No matter what you do, the principles taught here will work for you as well even if you are not an employee. Last week, i emphasized that workers everywhere should work for themselves. Today, i’ll take this further. First thought is this: A job is a gift! It is an incredible opportunity to create value. It is the very tool that ensures the human life is able to transform his or her own life and use that transformation to empower society. Most people are more wired to think of setting up a business, with the assumption that working as an employee is an inferior idea of value creation. We cannot over-emphasize the fact that no economy in the world can survive without people starting businesses and people working for businesses. Both are critical, and none is lesser. They are complimentary. They are the twin drivers of every economy. For a very long time, the custodians of knowledge have made the error of teaching the faulty idea that starting a business is the pathway to ultimate success. This is wrong! If owning a business is the path way to honor, dignity and prosperity, then every business owner should have those. Obviously, they don’t. There must be another kind of variable that creates balance and rhythm for any concern and whatever it is, it is not about starting a business.

Whether you start a business or work for someone, value creation has to be a consistent fiber. But society has erroneously given a kind of attention to business people simply because they seem to show more material success compared to those who work as employees. But what is really missing is not that those starting businesses are better but that those working for businesses are not applying themselves enough. Those starting business invest tenaciously in their education in a way that allows them to tap into every opportunity around them in the deliberate expression of the self improvement they have allowed into their lives over time. What has also happened is that those who work as employees allow the comfort of a regular income to give them a sense of false security that limits their creative potential and cages their pursuit energy.

Now, there are millionaires and billionaires who have been employees from day one and will retire has employees. It is time for the people who work to focus on their unique potential by understanding how to create wealth without necessarily leaving their jobs. Every worker must make the choice to work for nobody but himself. That is actually the philosophy behind the idea of owning a business; in that you can actually work for yourself. This idea is possible from anywhere either as a business owner or as an employee. It’s a constant.

We all should be working for ourselves; such that in the final analysis, all exertions and all efforts should come from a personal commitment to create value in such a way that can empower one’s area of influence. This is the key issue that all those who labour should focus on; such that, whether you are a business owner or you are an employee, you are working for yourself and you are creating value. There remains a superior sense of meaning and sense of fulfillment that can only come from understanding this dual responsibility. What is the dual responsibility? To work for yourself and to add value. Once this dual responsibility is not in the content of the investment of your efforts, whether as a business owner or as an employee, that sense of meaning and sense of fulfillment will elude you.

There are miserable business men as there are miserable employees; and there are highly fulfilled business owners as there are highly fulfilled employees. The difference between being miserable and been fulfilled at this level is defined by the dual responsibility of working for yourself and creating value. Employees now need to wear a new kind of pride and confidence as they enjoy the idea of working for someone, rolling up their sleeves everyday to communicate three things. These three things I’m about to mention are very critical for the entirety of your working life and career.

1, on a daily basis at work, communicate your highest integrity, professionally and morally.

2, invest your best efforts on a daily basis.

3, ensure one and two are visible to all.

The way it works is that, at every moment in time on a daily basis, your entire professional integrity is always at stake in the work place. The idea that you can compromise your best efforts, thinking you are not working for yourself, that you are working for somebody else is a great deception; one that will return to hurt you seriously in the future. Everything you do or don’t do in the work place is adding up to or withdrawing from your reputation capital. You owe it to yourself to create the picture of your tomorrow and its content with the qualitative investment of your time, your energy and every other resource at your disposal. The dignity of labor is the strength of tomorrow’s peace. I don’t care where you work, who your boss is, how much they pay you or don’t pay you, all of that is irrelevant. What is important is the value you create, the meaningful, usable and reward-able value you create. Every action of man is a seed and there is always a sure harvest of good or of bad. Don’t do what is wrong today and hope that the consequences just evaporate tomorrow. It’s a seed and there will surely be a harvest. Rather, create the future by intentionally planting the right seeds today and the right harvest will come. In doing this, your office may never reward you for your best efforts; that is not important!

What is important is not for you to expect a harvest from where you work but to rather know that in all work there is a harvest from somewhere, whether from your office or other sources. If you have a boss at all, then your ultimate boss is life; and life will always repay. Life is diligent enough to stretch round your world and bring the opportunity either for your lifting or for your misfortune. It is a guarantee and it is always your choice. Olakunle Soriyan advises you to make the right choice!




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  1. Great thought sir! “Life is the boss”
    Holy Spirit help us to make right choices in life.

  2. OMG ! Great lesson ! Every action or inaction is a seed that must surely bear fruit !

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