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 Every Friday on SMOOTH-LIFE, i focus on the HOMELAND. Nigeria should listen now. See, the moment you have to engage a means of transportation to anywhere in our blessed country, your life is actually on the line. If this is true, what kind of persons ought we to be? I have accepted that anybody can choose to be insane or ignorant, but I have also accepted that it remains my responsibility that I remain in control as much as possible to ensure I do not suffer unnecessarily for the insanity and ignorance of others. With deep respect to the dead, I know for sure that a lot of the dead on Dana 153 were returning from or going to one function or the other. I know for sure that if they knew they were going to die on the way to these functions, they would have stayed back and decide instead to use the five-letter word “SORRY” to manage those that will miss their absence. As the plane was dropping, very few on the flight could beat their chest to say the event they were returning from or going to was worth dying for. Very few…if any.

While I am not afraid to die, I am not ready to die for an unworthy cause. If death happens in an event like a plane crash, let it be in the line of duty…let it be for a noble cause. Not one death should occur for an interest or cause that is undeserving. If we are going to die returning from or going somewhere, let the event be worth living for and worth dying for. Personally, no matter who is organizing the event or what it represents, I will only be there if to me it is worth living for or dying for. If we decide to attend an event, and God allows death to meets us there, regret can come for other reasons, but none should come simply because we were at an event we could have avoided, would have preferred not to attend or we went for the fun of it or for whatever it is worth. We should actually stop doing anything for “whatever it is worth”; we should do anything for “what it is worth”. We should know what it is worth and we should then do it for it.

Now, Why do we attend the functions we attend? How do we even differentiate between the options of where to go and not go? Are there even clear standards that help us choose wisely what exactly to give our time and ultimately life to? One of the tragedies in Africa is the sad fact of doing things because a critical or weak majority or some powerful or drifting minority will be impressed or displeased with the thoughts, decisions and actions we approve or disapprove. It’s sad.

You cannot overrate your existence. The world reserve the sovereign right to see and experience the next second, the next minute and the next moment without you. No matter how important you think you are to any activity, event, process, or system, Life will continue without you if that is the only option available. Stop the self-deception. You are not that important and nobody is. If you ignore your caution, we will continue without you; and sometimes, we will continue as if nothing happened. Even your own family members will cry, grief and mourn your loss, but they will never agree to be buried along with you. Never. They can pretend to want to jump into your grave. Trust me, it’s not true—With the move to jump comes the inner wish and clarity that someone will resist the jump. Alone you came into this world, alone you will leave. While death is sure for all, and many will die even in accidents, many will die because their time has arrived and they were meant to die, but many more will die out of carelessness and unguarded expressions. In a system like ours, it is crucial to understand that no one is under any form of obligation or compulsion to attend an event or ceremony. It is a matter of choice regardless of who the host is, regardless of the ties between the parties—the invitee and the host. No one, and I repeat, no one is under any form of compulsion.

 In a system like ours, we urgently need to review our social commitments, interactions, and engagements. Leisure activities should be leisure, not undue exposures or pressure to meet up. This posture of caution will not eradicate the risk and threat, but it will ensure purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. It will also reduce the waste that comes from aso-ebi, food, drinks and monies spent entertaining and felicitating with people you don’t know, people you may never see again and has never met you, some of them even hate your guts, others know nothing of what you represent, but will share your good moments all the same for all the wrong reasons often times. It’s silly. To create this kind of day and to be in it is not a problem; as long as there will be no regret if you die in it. It is a display of a commitment to a higher purpose to choose to free ourselves from every form of petty, useless, and unnecessary guilt felt for turning down some of these invitations. It takes only a five-letter word “sorry” or some other form of apology to decline an invitation. Your peace, joy, relevance and continued survival is in no way tied to your attendance of any event or even personal leisure activity…not in a system like ours.

People should also stop making others feel guilty for not attending their events. It’s a terrible blackmail strengthened by a weak culture and of course, fear, ignorance and opaqueness. If you did attend theirs, good for you, but please note that no one should owe you a kind of loyalty that put their lives, the well being of their children and other dependents, their businesses and marriage at risk, just because you want to pleased or celebrate your happiness. What kind of friendship is the kind that defines its value through party attendance anyway? Truth be told, if the regulatory bodies will not perform their due diligence, while we cannot determine all that will come our way, we remain solely and fully responsible for what we put on our way, how we live our lives, where we go and what we do with our lives. STAY ALIVE. LIVE NOW and DIE LATER. May our people see. God bless Nigeria.





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  1. Not many blogs that offer such consistently readable and informative content as is on offer here, you have earned the time it
    takes to share my appreciation of your endeavours.
    Thank you.

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