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Welcome to Tuesday. First, I hope you are following me on twitter? It’s worth it. Liberating thoughts God helps me to be able to squeeze into 160 characters on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The testimonies have been incredible. Get on that okay, it will help. Then, my new solution, LESSONS FROM FAILURE is out. It’s just NGN1000 a month. The goal is to reduce error rate by well more than half. You should subscribe immediately and connect to an incredible world of transformation immediately. Okay…Today is LESSONS FROM FAILURE. Now, I had invested 2-years and $30,000 on the robust study of HUMAN DESIRES, ACTIONS, REGRETS, HIGHEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS, JOY and PEACE, observing and interviewing over a thousand (1000) SENIOR CITIZENS between the AGE 60 and 80years—a SURVEY-BASED RESEARCH that UNDERSCORES a COMPELLING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, PARADIGM-SHIFTING and LIBERATING INSIGHT into the NAIVETY of YOUTH, the TRUTHS of MID-LIFE and the REALITIES of TWILIGHT where EARNING POTENTIAL will REDUCE, RETIREMENT is GUARANTEED and DEATH is CLOSER and SURER.I have found out that at the END of LIFE, ONLY THREE THINGS are TRULY IMPORTANT after you would have seen OVER 10years six times. Believe it or not, people pursue PURCHASING POWER and ECONOMIC VALUE all their LIVES and may even ACHIEVE it; only to realize that eventually, INNER PEACE and UNDISPUTABLE FULFILLMENT eluded them. Sadly, in life, there are NO REWIND BUTTONS! I failed so much in life to be able to understand that the essence of success is based on each individual’s outlook on life. I failed so much in life to be able to understand that the education we need is the one that provides the tools for creating balance, regaining control, maintaining a positive attitude, and self-actualization. I failed so much in life to be able to understand that the there is a way people can FIND the KIND of OPTIONS deep WITHIN to CONSTANTLY EXPERIENCE a RICH DEPTH of WISDOM that ALLOWS each one to LIVE a SUCCESSFUL and GREAT LIFE; and to USE that Life to LEAD RENNAISSANCE, and TRANSFORM SOCIETY. I failed so much in life to be able to understand that from generation to generation, a relatively small group of people within almost every society and culture on Earth have continued to aspire to discover the mysteries of life—not so much to intellectually understand such mysteries—since they are mostly incomprehensible—but rather to step into being a fully self-responsible and willing participant in the unfolding of Life’s mysteries. The result is a human being who is deeply aware of self and most of Life; passionately inspired, living with deep and meaningful purpose, vitalized and full of energy, and, perhaps most importantly, free from the endless karmic participation most human beings unknowingly choose to engage in. We have to go on a short break now, when we return, we will zero on two things I believe each of us must know, understand and sustain in our short lives.

See, If you have ever noticed an ongoing sense of discontentment with your life, self-realization is what you are moment-to-moment being challenged to discover. To be self-realized, there are two key things. There are more but these two are critical for me to share today.

The first is: Live intentionally! By this I mean you should maintain the discipline to reflect more on the choices you make. Resist the temptation in your subconscious that suggest that you can live your life contrary to the defined pathway of your unique journey of life, yet assume you will get to your preferred destination. You really cannot have a goal to get to Victoria Island and you join the bus to Enugu. We need to make choices based on what we see for the future. Ask questions about what you want the end to be. We need to be more intentional. Are your choices taking you closer and closer to where you are going or tasking you away? And by what standard of truth will you answer that question? Someone told me, “You know, I’ve taken a deep thought about my life, and I’ve concluded that I don’t need so and so people in my life.” And I asked, “By what standard did you judge them? What criteria did you use and how did you know you are correct?” Whichever way, each day, you make choices about people, places and events. Every day! Your whole life is actually between those three (people, places and events). Why do you dress the way you do? Why do you talk the way you do? Why do you go where you go? Why do you carry yourself the way you do? Why do you work where you work? Why do you love those you believe you love and by what standard do you consider some people as adversaries? There are more questions! Reflect more now so we won’t regret the choices you make. All of our future is tied to the choices we make now.

Second of the two is: Take more risk! You have heard that again and again I’m sure. But see, you have to form a protocol of decision making. You must refuse to fall prey to paralysis by analysis. You should celebrate the truth that failure is not fatal. When we do not risk, we simply cannot achieve. However, never make any decision in a hurry. Haste is a vice. Patience is a tool. And decisiveness is virtue. Weigh options carefully, wait on facts but not just facts; build a circle of counsel you can trust. And once you consider a decision to be major deep within you, make up your mind to only act after you have shared with your trusted circle of counsel. Who should they be? Not necessarily your friends and colleagues. You can’t have more than three; and they should be people spiritually, emotionally, experientially, mentally and professionally qualified to pace you. It will reduce your potential for error by almost 80%. Give yourself to it. And patience is the key to sustaining that. Patience forces deception or truth to reveal itself. Lies and all negatives have a natural lifespan and do not have the potential for longevity. Quit been a lone-ranger. You’ve been on your own for too long. Create a protocol for decision making in your life and stick to it. Take counsel. In the multitude of counsel there is safety. Now, what should you take risks on? Wrong question! The right question is “What should I put into my protocol of decision making?” We call it risk because things can go wrong. That’s why it’s called a risk. The risk you take must leave you intact to try again if it fails. Any risk that if it fails can take your life, ruin your reputation or destroy your potentials is no longer a risk, but a self-initiated attack on your destiny. I have failed so much to know that this is life.

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  1. akinniyi oluwatosin

    Thank you sir, this is my now word for the season

  2. Before now, I never really took time in reading this piece on Lessions from failure, I just did and its been informative, educative and insightful. I wish I had read this before now, I would hv avoided some mistakes I have made in time past, but am at same time grateful I came across this today. I have learnt so much and am indeed grateful.

  3. This is truly inspirational, no less from an individual with a depth of understanding who is really passionate about ensuring people do not repeat mistakes. Sir, I am READY to take risks, not necessarily risky but I’m ready to act on my decisions and not be held back by The fear of WHAT IF.

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