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Every Wednesday i focus on young people and the adults who interact with them. First, I will like to remind my today listeners that while knowledge is always worth receiving, its nuisance-value is defined each time practice is not immediately added to the receiving. I have said again and again that the goal of knowledge is transformation; and that any knowledge incapable of offering hope and change, and incapable of transforming or governing mindsets and behavior is a pure waste of time and energy. Knowledge must do two things to the receiver of knowledge: (1) It must reveal what you are going to stop doing, and (2) it must reveal what you are going to begin to do. Please reject any self-deceptive excitement that allows you to value the sensation of impact over the experience of impact. They are two different things. And a lot of times when you go into the seminar halls and workshop rooms, a lot of good words are shared; a lot of inspiration and motivation are shared. You feel good and feel you can take your world. But it is your duty to recognize that most of the time, what you receive in the seminar hall is only going to give you a sensation of impact, it is not impact. It is expected that you will convert the sensation to experience. It is expected that you will convert the sensation of impact to an experience of it. And you are only able to do that by committing to the deeds and the requirements hidden in the information you have received and engage them. That’s knowledge. If knowledge does not take you to this mental and emotional state, you really have not been taught. You may have received information, but information is not knowledge.

Information is a tool for the experience of knowledge; more like the take off point of knowledge. Information is the shell but knowledge is the substance. I actually don’t care where you received the knowledge or what the source is, if the knowledge leaves you the way you are, if the knowledge did not reveal what you must cease to do and what you must begin to do, you really have not been helped, whether you are in a mosque, church, classroom or anywhere. But while it may be the responsibility of the teacher to disseminate knowledge, the responsibility of application and practice belong to the student. It is your duty to receive and process information; and it is the processing that converts it to knowledge. This for example is a tool for performance, it does not perform. I owe it to my world to share critical information and knowledge, but it is the duty of the reader to determine the degree of impact. It’s called responsibility learning.

I know young people are filled with a lot of strength due to the blessing of energy of the stage of life they are in. This energy is no doubt a very good asset for their mental freshness. Young people should be open-minded enough to seek what the true content of life truly is. It’s wise for all human souls to recognize that they haven’t lived before, and so always have so much to learn. I have seen 10years four times with some extras, and that makes me above 40years of age. It counts. It doesn’t matter anymore whether I am poor or rich, what matters is that I have lived and I have some things to teach either from my regrets or from by successes. Age is not nothing but a number. No. Age is experience. That Mark Zukerberg became a billionaire in his early 20s is proof that his brain is working and that he is smart. But that does not mean he’s got the emotional intelligence to lead a marriage or advice his mates, and this is not suggesting he cannot either. But his age gives partial experience. There is always a place for all-round experience.

A successful person can teach about how to succeed, it does not in any way discount the idea that a failure can also teach how to fail. Both are a form of direction. We owe it to our unique journey of life to embrace our individual genius and freshness of thought as a deliberate attempt to defend our authentic progress but we also owe it to the same unique journey of life to use experience to create balance and build caution-energy around our freshness. When you are young, your experimental-energy is extremely high. But the older you get, your caution-energy gets higher and higher. And experimental energy on its own is great but holds potential for fatality. No doubt, you need your experimental energy to stimulate variation and innovation, but you need caution-energy to create balance in your variation and innovative efforts. It will reduce your error rate drastically. Now, if you are young, while you need caution-energy, you simply don’t have too much of it, compared to the experimental energy at your disposal. So, how do you get it? You need to value the experience of those who have gone ahead of you. And it’s easier to do this by reaching out to mentors and building relationships with very few adults with the spiritual, emotional, mental and professional energy to guide and pace you. Like I say, Life happens fast, and there are no rewind buttons, only play. A posture of questioning with courtesy and without sarcasm will help. And like I mentioned yesterday, curiosity and questioning delivers value. Questioning without sarcasm reveals your true curiosity, communicates your humility, reduces your error rate, reveals to you the unknown and also helps you form fresh ideas that can help you become innovative and more relevant. Show me a person with the humility to ask, fact-find and question, I will show you a change agent and a solution provider. Give experience its place. Don’t travel too far, only to realize that you have been on the wrong path. Determination does not guarantee progress. Experience is a tool, use it.


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  1. I truly appreciate this piece of information and knowledge shared. I am sure it will have a high degree of impact on my every decision making process.

    Thank you sir.

    Oluchi Monye
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