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Today on SMOOTH Life with Olakunle Soriyan, the focus was for those at the Top and those seeking to get there. I have shared today that after God and your Family, the three most important things in your life are People, Places and Events. The primary focus was however on how the kinds of people you allow in your life create your prevailing circumstance with the emphasis on striving not to be liked by people but to be respected. Now, the goal of knowledge is TRANSFORMATION. If you have been inspired and experience transformation at any level, the next thing is to apply yourself to the two critical effect of knowledge, which are to KNOW what you will STOP doing and what you will START doing. What decisions are you taking? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE. You will be glad you did. Go!

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  1. I love your comments on radio. They are very deep lessons one has to think deeply about to be able to take action on them.
    I am going through a serious challenge at this point in my life and have felt like quitting. But I read a blog post you wrote about not quitting no matter the circumstance and felt inspired.
    I am going through a difficult stage as I have been told I have clinical depression and was hoping I could talk to someone who could help out.
    I feel really stuck and have been getting by through God’s grace. I sincerely hope I could could talk to someone who could help. Thanks

    • I see you. Please send this same message as email to and we’ll take it from there. I want you to however note that your comment here is actually a proof of your commitment to victory. I feel a victory energy in your writing. Stay positive and never relent until your transformation is experienced by you and your world. The ability to pursue change is in itself a proof of sanity. You will find your newness by God’s grace. I will be expecting your mail. God bless u.

  2. Great words for the wise!

  3. Truly great words. I listened to the radio program and what caught my attention was the analysis on people’s wrong perception of what is actually RIGHT. For example, when Mr. Soriyan explained that when a person is principled, society would normally regard it has being wicked; and when a person is prudent, and calculative, they see that as being stingy. I would really love if this analysis can be broadened and made viral or have a week’s radio program on it i.e. perceptions:what’s right and what’s wrong. I believe by doing this, sooner than later, there will be a tipping point of our society accepting what’s right over what’s not.
    God Bless you Mr. Soriyan, and more grace and strength to you.

  4. Thank you for reaching out to a lot of lives. You are indeed a blessing to humanity. Sir, Is there any advise for an introvert, who finds Its tough connecting with people? And secondly how will you advise those of us that have allowed some access into our lives and it’s tough to eliminate such access. Your most practical advise will be appreciated. God bless you.

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