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Hi, hope you found meaning on the show today? I believe we all grew again this morning even if by an inch (laughs). Now, while failure has its place as a necessary experience to maintain the value of success: not all failures are necessary. Failure should occur only when it is inevitable. Today on Smooth-Life with Olakunle Soriyan, I dealt with the concluding part of ENVY. The critical lesson from today’s episode centers on how critical it is to refuse to judge people only by their outer roles. Nature will nudge you to take a second look at the talk or action of someone around you, don’t ignore the nudging. If it bothers you, then you have seen something. Once you have seen, then you owe to your peace, balance, safety and continued existence and relevance to ALWAYS take the time to LOOK, DISCERN, INTERPRET, REASSESS, CONCLUDE, TAKE a DECISION and ACT on the realities surrounding you. Now, like I always say, the goal of knowledge is TRANSFORMATION. If you have been inspired and experience transformation at any level, the next thing is to apply yourself to the two critical effect of knowledge, which are to KNOW what you will STOP doing and what you will START doing. What decisions are you taking? If you have anything you will like to share with me, FEEL FREE to do so RIGHT here! Stay SHARP!

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  1. The focus on ENVY on Lessons from failure has really opened my eyes to interpreting the realities surrounding me. Thank you sir for that eye-opener. God bless PK.

  2. This is really true…the key one for me here is to make it a duty to DISCERN the kind of relationships I allow around me and value it brings to the table…my LIFE i mean.

  3. For me, today’s message shed light on the practical definition of envy. God help us all.

  4. I strongly believe the root of envy is bitterness. You are bitter with yourself and bitter with people. And sadly bitterness is a worm that eats so deep. You can’t even fathom how far it has eaten, until you begin to see the decay and rottenness. The height of its expression is insecurity and envy. My decision today will be to pay attention to any unnecessary envy around me and delete them out of my life as fast as possible before it consumes me.

  5. I love the robust information disseminated on the Radio Show (Smooth Life with Olakunle Soriyan). God bless PK

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