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Hi…of course, today’s show is always about Young minds and those who interact with them. See, in Africa we have been hypnotized by some assumptions and beliefs that have kept us long bound. These assumptions and paradigms are critical in the prevailing circumstances we find ourselves. I have been able to address the two mindsets that have the capacity to damage and steal your focus, drive and happiness. The first mind-set is the one that drives you to spontaneously and automatedly hold tight to worries and fears. Some people are so afraid of failing or losing that they will resist any investment in anything with a risky potential to lead to failure or loss. The second mind-set wrapped up the show with focus on the belief that drives you to unnecessarily and overtly focus on difficulties.  For most people in Africa, probably you inclusive, having a bad day suggests some sort of diabolical intervention, witchcraft or an ancestral conspiracy from the village (laughs). And meanwhile, your counterpart from the West and America is sitting down immediately to ask himself critical questions that will put the situation in perspective and invent a new order. He will ask himself questions like if he has done something wrong, or if there are new people he needs to meet, or if it is the end of a season and new frontiers are needed. It’s all in your interpretations! Adversity is a constant my friend and its season will inevitably affect conditions in which you live and work; yet you don’t have to let it affect who you are and where you’re headed.  The lesson from the foregoing cannot be over-emphasized. The best way to fight this is to focus on your prevailing value as well as the one you are capable of creating in the future. I hope I have helped? Stay focused! FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and DECISIONS HERE, THEY COUNT!


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  1. On point sir! I mean, there is no any other way to capture this than you have done. The lesson from today’s show is to fight all those assumptions and paradigms I have held so dear by focusing on my prevailing value as well as the one I am capable of creating in the future. God bless PK!

  2. I missed today’s show. How can I get the full text of the presentation?

  3. I certainly fall into the category of ‘being afraid of failing and resisting investment’. Thanks for sharing sir. I am having a rethink.

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