WHATis2COME(FREE TICKET to MARS: Over 165, 000 applicants subscribed to live on the mars by 2023)

GROWTH is a CONSTANT and HUMAN ADVANCEMENT is a GUARANTEE. There is a GOD-GIVEN FORCE in HUMANS with an INCREDIBLE CAPACITY to CONQUER and MANIPULATE any other SPECIE, PLACE or even EVENT outside the MAKE-UP of the CHOICES of the HUMAN BEING. From animals to machines, planets and the air, the human mind has not done badly in his or her EXPRESSION of this GOD-GIVEN DOMINION. We have created Merchant banking, built the Pyramids, and reached the moon. We have invented useful tools that have changed the way we love, work and live. We have also continued to create deadly weapons with lethal capabilities. Do you know the latest expression of the human spirit? The journey to inhabit the planet Mars! Scientists have concluded that humans can survive in Mars. The decision from their findings is to establish a human colony on Mars. This project is a private venture by the Dutch non-profit organization Mars One, which aims to send a crew to the Red Planet in 2022 – and, due to the physiological change in the human body after a prolonged stay on Mars, there’d be no coming back. There is now a free one-way ticket to Mars. You can volunteer!

Recent figures put the present applicants to 165, 000 out of the 500, 000 expected applicants. Mars one project says the Day-to-day life on Mars will be no picnic:  and majorly,  the daily routine on the planet would involve construction work on the colony (installing greenhouses, for example), maintenance of the settlement’s systems and research into Mars’ climate and geological history–all in an inhospitable environment with unbreathable air and an average temperature in the planet’s mid-latitudes of around -58 degrees Farenheit. The temperature shows that it will be very cold on the mars and so people with resilient character and fortitude would probably survive.

Be that as it may, questions upon questions are beginning to go viral. Scientifically, would human beings survive on the Mars? Does the Topography of the mars support growth? Is there any spiritual inclination to this movement or is it just another voyage of discoveries experienced in the middle age? Whichever way, the quest to inhabit Mars is either a breakthrough idea or a completely insane act of human recklessness. Time will tell. But the fact that a human being even thought of such audacious step is a proof of the capabilities of the human mind. It’s simply audacious. You don’t have to go to Mars or even to America, but you can change your world by dedicating your life to the kind of lofty dreams with the kind of impact society can be grateful for. The human mind must be reminded to drive his or her genius in this direction of value or the same genius in another direction will continue to create nuisance-value, losses of great proportion like the one of Adolf Hitler, or multiplied pain and struggle for society and the world at large. Ownership of the best clothes, shoes, perfumes, and the most luxurious cars, jets, houses and holiday destinations are never enough to maximize the genius of the human mind. There must exist in man a noble commitment to sustain the kind of ideas the world can benefit positively from. That is what the minimum expression of human genius is. Please share your thoughts here on this platform, let’s rub minds. Challenge your world and bless it! Go!

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  1. May God keep us till then, let us wait and see.

    • Yes o…wait and see. But the idea of the post really is to let us consider the truth that the human mind can really solve problems. The African should consider if humans can conceive and attempt such feats, the African mind is audacious enough by nature to do same. This is the critical challenge really. Thanks for your comment. Stay here.

  2. This cannot be over-emphasized. The critical lesson is to covet the grace to bless our world!

  3. The capacity of the human mind to imagine the seemingly unimaginable is infinite. I am beginning to believe that impossibility is a time-bound concept. At some point, its time expires and it becomes a possibility. PK, we will see how all this unfolds. Good write up bro.

  4. There is truly no limit to what the human mind can achieve. Although I do not think Humans were made to live permanently on Mars, just like the other planets. But as you said, time changes our orientation of what is ‘impossible’. Ernestly waiting to see if this feat would be acheived.

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