(On The Teju Babyface Show): Should the ENGLISH language DETERMINE a PEOPLE’s PROGRESS?

English Language has been accepted to be the Lingua Franca of Nigeria. A key QUESTION we need to ask is: What is the goal of the English Language? Is it a means of communication or a show of sophistication. In our part of the world, English is overrated.

On this award-winning show, Teju Babyface,Nigeria’s foremost comedian hosts Olakunle Soriyan who analyses the whole Lingua Franca idea, and connects it to how it has ruined some promising destinies. He makes an argument to ‘Never again judge anyone, laugh at anyone, scorn anyone because he is not a master of the English language. Stretch a bit further to find the strength of his character.’

WATCH to discover the embarrasment, limits and nuisance of Lingua Franca. Don’t forget to drop in your comments below on your views of this position

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  1. What an invigorating and predisposing thoughts here! All NIGERIANS must watch this, especially DECISION MAKERS. Please share this. Let it go viral!

  2. I am definitely sharing this on my blog sir. you have posed an issue that not many have thought about. God bless you!

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