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Hi there! Sure you had a beautiful weekend? It is so good to begin the new week with Smooth-Life with Olakunle Soriyan. Yeah, today is always a focus on those at the TOP and those seeking to get THERE. And on the show today I shared on the importance of DISCIPLINE as the critical tool to achieving effective and smart decisions. This is because I have observed that one of the dilemmas of the modern age is the unintended consequence of a constant flow of information. We have so much information, but too little knowledge. In other words, we are subject to a constant stream of facts and counter-facts which produce the ironic effect that weaken our capacity to make smart decisions. We are faced with the paradox of staying connected with our respective constituencies and creating large chunks of time to withdraw and reflect; the paradox of having unfettered access to an avalanche of information and the paucity of knowledge; of navigating the complicated, elaborate, complex, difficult and tortuous terrains of endless physical and virtual engagement that leave no time and mind space for the most important event of all – decision making. 

Multi-Tasking, which maybe the most popular solution to this seemingly intractable challenge of our time is unfortunately no solution at all. There is enough literature and research out there to show that multitasking, poorly managed, makes humans less productive, less creative and less able to make sound decisions. Our brain is best designed to focus on one task at a time. When we switch between tasks, especially complex ones, we become less efficient. When we switch tasks, our brains must choose to do so, turn off the cognitive rules for the old task, and turn on the rules for the new one. This takes time, which reduces productivity, particularly for heavy multi-taskers. The truth is that, discipline is required of those people at the TOP and those seeking to get THERE to be able to judiciously respond to issues as matter of priority. There is a false sense of relevance we seem to get from responding promptly to requests and demands for our attention; there is a certain significance we derive from staying plugged in. We must wean ourselves out of this mould. We must give our brains the downtime needed to process new intellectual input, and allow ourselves learn new things and think creatively. We must create focused working sessions; switch off all information channels, shut down e-mail, close web browsers, activate voice mail, let your assistant and team know that you will not be available for a bloc period of time. We must also ruthlessly confront the need to step back from everything else and stay with only that which we alone can address. And finally, we must embrace the discipline needed to reset the culture. Our times wire us to be and pursue the best of what we need to have, but only as we lose the best of the most meaningful things we already have. Family for one is king. And any time use that takes away time for family, creativity and orderly living is a self-initiated attack on our unique genius and personal power. This is the life. FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and DECISIONS HERE, THEY COUNT!

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  1. Today’s show was another time to learn from your wild experience. It is so good to learn that DISCIPLINE is a critical tool to achieving smart decisions. God bless PK

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