SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is a sacred or prerogative right humans owe to our living. It aims at embracing responsibility and encouraging positive impact on society from organizations and individuals. To be socially responsible is to express acts of kindness that impact only in a way society can be grateful for within a defined area of influence. Organizations have attempted to use a part of their profits to drive social responsibility efforts. It’s called CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility. The drive to impact society and at the same time make profits and stay within the organizations corporate objective has been the greatest challenge of the utter righteousness of the CSR cause. PSR: Personal Social Responsibility seems more compelling and capable of more transformative capacity than CSR can deliver.

Stewardship of private properties is the critical agenda to embrace; and that’s PSR! It is a phenomenon that seeks to give back to the society (on whose platform the individual had thrived). The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a PSR (PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) with a personal commitment to the idea that each individual can make a change within the resources available to it and within whatever sphere of influence it can cover. In January 2000, Bill and his wife Melinda invested $126 million into setting up The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Currently the Foundation has Asset Trust Endowment of $36.4 billion and made a total grant payment of $26.1 billion since inception making them the highest givers to any cause. Now that’s a way to live isn’t it? I mean, that’s a way to truly live. That’s PSR and we can all do it. When human beings accept responsibility for the societal peace and balance they can individually create, it’s called Personal Social Responsibility and it is the expression of human dignity. When individuals neglect this responsibility for any reason, it is wickedness.

We can each recognize nature’s duty call to us all that we all have a responsibility to be a meaningful part of the development of the world around us by making contributions that people are desperately in need of. It begins with you and I. Greatness can be seen in a committed primary school Teacher delivering value in his sphere of influence or in a billionaire leading mass investments in the prevention of polio. The idea is to recognize that all properties at your disposal are given to you to deploy in a way that helps society. None of us can ever have enough resources to solve all of the world’s problems, but each of us have enough to impact our areas of influence with something as little as blessing someone in need around you with just One Thousand Naira monthly from your salary. Each of us must have something we are doing to empower a world bigger than the one we know and the one we own; no matter how little or big that empowerment is. SURE EMPOWERMENT ACTIVATED is BY FAR MORE VALUABLE than BIG PROMISE of BIG EMPOWERMENT NEVER SEEN. The mission idea is that while none of us can solve all the problems, each of us can all do something. We CAN have a MILLION REASONS for NOT DOING SOMETHING, but NOT ONE EXCUSE. LOVE is a DUTY, KINDNESS is a MUST. And the commitment for you to DO SOMETHING is a NECESSITY for the WEAK and HELPLESS around YOU. Your CONSCIENCE is your GUIDE. Do something. GO! 

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  1. Stewardship of private property is a course that should be championed by everyone who wants change in our dear nation Nigeria. As for me I pledge to do whatever I have capacity to do. So help me God!

  2. The idea is to recognize that all properties at your disposal are given to you to deploy in a way that helps society.

  3. I’m sure if we all can be socially responsible to one another and the society at large, the need to complain about the government or other people’s nonchalance will reduce drastically… we all need to man up and do the needful. thank you for this sir.

  4. Very interesting points you have noted, thanks for putting up.

  5. I like this site very much, Its a really nice position to read and get info. “That which has been believed by everyone, always and everywhere, has every chance of being false.” by Paul Valery.

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