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Today on SMOOTH-LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN, the central focus was on Young people and Adults who interact with them. There was so much energy, passion and vigor on the show today as a result of a critical concern towards the idea of Global Urban Youth Culture as it connects CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION. See, Globalization has created new possibilities, but in recent times, it has also created new discontents. This is the world today’s young people have inherited, a world full of possibilities and contradictions. What they do with it will determine, not just their individual progress, but our collective survival. And what will determine if they succeed or fail, more than any other factor, is how well they recognize, and respond to the thin line that separates consumption and production. There are two strands of young people in today’s globalized world: those occupied with consumption and those occupied with production. Those who create technologies like Facebook and Twitter, and those who spend the bulk of their time on them; those who create e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga, and those who buy, buy and buy from them. The buying is not the problem, but the disequilibrium that comes from buying extremely at the expense of the productive capacity that should create a balance of trade and power. The truth is, global urban youth culture has set up today’s young people for a lifestyle of consumption.


The first step to sanity is to recognize this trend. How much of the dictates of global urban youth culture do you succumb to? What influences your consumption choices? Why do you buy what you buy? Why do you wear what you wear? Globalization has made consumption and production infinitely easier and increasingly cheaper. The question is, how much do you consume? How much do you produce? What is your personal balance of trade? Many of us are too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses…to be too busy consuming to realize that there’s a war out there and only those aware of the problems and are bothered enough to attempt solutions will survive; only those engaged in production, will win. We urgently need to rethink. We desperately need to retool. Productivity in the postmodern world will require us to embrace lifelong learning and tackle big tasks. You must be learning something new, and you must be producing something; something audacious. WHAT ARE YOUR DECISIONS FROM HERE? Get off naivety and unlearn those assumptions you have held so there. The world around you is waiting for your invaluable contributions not Tattoos, Brazilian hair, Braids or how well you can display your curves—all of these are not silly stuff, but are out rightly silly if they define consumption at the expense of productivity and production. Go!

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  1. This is another time for personal reflection to check if i am just consuming and not producing. like you always say that no economy can survive under the equation of only consuming what it does not produce and producing what it does not consume. This is a clarion call to all and sundry to get off naivety and contribute to the world desperately in need of it.

  2. God bless PK. Every young mind must make a decision further from here to bless the world around him/her.

  3. This is the direction of may dorminant thought everyday. To invent and/or generate a product or service that every human on the face of the earth will be grateful for. To solve at least one of the ernomous problems that confronts human entity. So help me God. Thanks PK for bringining this to fore again.

  4. Honestly this is my first time listening to you. I must say here that you spoke sense into me and i am having a rethink on some things now. Thank you

  5. Abraham Damilare Obadina

    Personally, these lines are not new to me, but fresh. However, folks that keep buying what they want instead of what they need should make a paradigm shift. God bless you sir.

  6. balogun adedeji o

    The best of products are imported into our country and we embrace them but refused to import technologies which are the keys to our economics advancement.

    • Hmmmm…good talk really. You should articulate those technologies that you have in mind and pitch them to a platform u can be heard. The idea is that we all need to move beyond the recognition of truth and seek to be heard in a way that holds potential for change. That’s my challenge to you now. If you have no platform for this yet, find one.

  7. The question is, how much do you consume? How much do you produce? What is your personal balance of trade?

  8. Ever since i listened to u on the teju baby face show,i,ve been so motivated.our nigerian ladies need to stop the madness called brazillizn hair,its getting way out of control.

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