Smooth-Life *Clinic*

It’s a rare opportunity to witness another week in 2013 and most importantly to be a meaningful part of your success. Today as usual on SMOOTH-LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN, the focus was on THOSE at the TOP and THOSE seeking to get there; and the critical lessons today were built around LEADERSHIP. Of great importance, part of what you probably miss in the definition of your daily exchange with people is the truth that how others experience your difference as a person either adds to or subtract from the value you offer in any role, position, or expertise. No matter who you are and what you do, you owe it to your unique destiny to build influence with integrity, while demonstrating reliability, authenticity, and meaning. To do these effectively will require three key qualities; and they are: CONSISTENCYCONGRUENCE, AND COHERENCE. Think of these three key qualities and let them guide your actions this week and beyond. This is the LIFE! Now, the goal of KNOWLEDGE is TRANSFORMATION and the action point is to KNOW what you will STOP DOING and WHAT you will START DOING. What DECISIONS are you taken? What CHALLENGES do you envisage you will face as you bring this into your life or as you deepen it? This platform is for TRUTH, TRANSFORMATION and ADVANCEMENT. I will be available right here to attend to your questions, concerns and comments. Go!


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  1. Sir, does environmental influence affect leadership? Why i asked is that, i have seen good people who before they assumed any leadership role were known for good character and integrity but after the assumption joined the corrupt ones.

    • Because when pressure is exerted on a thing, the true content of the thing is revealed. You don’t become a thief because you stole. You steal because you are a thief. Even if you never have the misfortune of stealing in your life time, it doesn’t make you less a thief. Given the right pressure situation or circumstance, who you truly are will always be revealed. What you do is what you can really do.

  2. I quite agree that the action point is to ”know what you will stop doing and what you will start doing”… concern however is that what happens to those who think they know but don’t actually know or those who know but don’t know as they ought to know or the people I consider the worst, they don’t know and they don’t know that they don’t know.
    How do help such people or better still how will they help themselves?
    I’ve found myself in situations like that a couple of times.

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