Smooth-Life *Clinic*

It is another beautiful working day of the week, I say good morning and I do hope you had a great time yesterday and today as well on SMOOTH LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN. The primary focus is on LESSONS from FAILURE and I feel so fulfilled to have shared a critical thought on the show this morning. I will advise you reflect on, and allow the content of today’s show spur and guide your thoughts and actions going forward. Today was about DIGNITY and the lesson thereof cannot be over-emphasized. I had a very rough experience in much younger years as a young person. Youthful exuberance, vices and nuisance were the kind of words that defined my life at that time. I did some of the most foolish and silly things the human life can experience; and people wondered, back then, how and why I was able to live the way I lived. A lot of the adults around me then were busy trying to punish me into good behaviour and were always frustrated when they find that the negative behaviour and attitude they didn’t want to see was kind of reinforced after each investment of energy to punish me. And of a truth, whether it is a corrupt politician, a wild rapist, a disrespectful subordinate, a violent gang leader, a substance abuser, an armed robber, sex worker, an “aristo girl” or whoever, when a human being has not come to terms with his or her human dignity, misbehaviour and nuisance-value are the natural experience the person will communicate at different levels.

The cogent idea is, dignity is the critical difference between the Nuisance and Wisdom value. Dignity is the highest human value, which suggests that both infants and adults have equal values. Each person has a sense of worth or value. Who am I?  Am I worthy?  What is my value?  How much do I cost?  What is my true value?  What is the truth about me? Dignity is actually the centre of attention in people’s relationships and human exchange. Dignity is a human value and a human price together. Our Society will know its freedom when its people know their dignity. The take home point however is to know the definition of your own dignity and audit your reality—most importantly, know what you will STOP DOING and what you will START DOING. This is the life. Do you crave for solution in any area of your life? Are you ready to take a critical decision going forward? I am here on this platform to supply my best effort in helping you achieve your greater heights. FEEL FREE TO SHARE HERE. STAY SHARP!


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