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Against the popular opinion of achieving social equality, today’s show deliberately tackles the idea through careful studies and many experiences I have had. Typically, today was for the young people and the adults who interact with them. Centuries ago, a great philosopher once postulated a theory that would, for many years down the line, define the level of wealth, power and happiness within succeeding societies. That philosopher was Plato, and his theory was called the Philosopher King. According to Plato, the privilege and responsibility of governance ought to be entrusted to a few men of wisdom and profound intellect. And till today, society has scarcely departed from that maxim. Also, in 1906, an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula, known today as the Pareto Principle–the idea was to prove that 80% of the nation’s wealth was controlled by 20% of the population. The truth is: society will always be stratified along classes. Corporate leadership for one, cannot be done by everybody but a few in that a company of 900 people cannot have 900 CEOs; and a nation of 160 million people can have 160 million leadership potential but cannot have 160 million presidents—they will become 320 million people at a president per citizen. It will be nothing but foolishness, nuisance, and chaos. The point is that the few will always lead the many. The weak will always outnumber the strong. The poor will always outnumber the rich. The ordinary will always outnumber the extra ordinary. Social equality is actually an illusion. To my mind, the independence of the human will, the rights of the individual to choose, the irrationality and frailty of man will forever immune Poverty against eradication; alleviation seems to be the best poverty can experience. Social equality, ideal as it seems, is an impractical proposition. As a matter of truth, it is the disequilibrium of status that lends stability and balance to life. And it is the pursuit of what status we seek to sustain, and what role we hope to play in society, that sustains drive and enthusiasm. Think about it, while everyone can have meaning, contentment and balance in their life, not everybody can be rich. This is one fact we all may have to live with. There will always be social classes; the upper class, the middle class and the lower class.

What is more? The critical thought to imbibe from the foregoing is, everywhere you go, you will always find the 20% of students who make things happen and the 80% who remain in the majority; you will always find the 20% of the graduates who will get 80% of the best jobs; 20% of working class professionals who will get 80% of the promotion, pay plus perks; 20% of business people who will succeed over the 80% who will perform poorly or averagely; 20% of the masses who will provide the 80% of the goods and services for 80% of the population; and 20% of those in power who will make the polices that govern 80% of the people. We can go on and on. The young people of the 2000s must understand that it is the 20% willing to grow their minds that continuously provide direction and leadership for the 80% who refuse to; and have instead decided to grow other parts of their lives like their body, their looks, their hair, their wardrobe, their sexual skills, their potential for gossip, or movie watching capabilities, and the likes. The minority will always surpass the majority in quality of life. See, no matter the economic theory, nothing can make you allergic to the need and dutifulness to create meaning, security and power in your life. I remind you today, that regardless of where you were born, who you were born to, and whatever your background is, no one will give you your place, you will have to take it. And no one will give you what you deserve; only what you negotiate and what you negotiate intentionally. There will always be the leading minority and the led majority. What must however linger on our mind henceforth is that, you and I do have a choice on what end of the divide we will choose to play. Nobody was born to be more powerful than the rest of us, as it were. Life will always pave way for obscure or famous, yet determined people who are willing to make their lives count, but not for the wrong reasons. What are the reasons defining your significance?  What side of the divide do you want to play in? Decide today but let your decision reflect wisdom value as a critical part to uplifting the world around you. Most importantly, identify WHAT YOU WILL STOP DOING and WHAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO DO. And don’t just read this, please feel free to share your thought here. Go!

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  1. Thanks for sharing sir. What advice do you give to some christians who feel guilty for demanding for something the deserve under the cover of “Let the will of God be done”. Thank you


    Great Revelation from a great mind.Thanks for remaining in your calling Sir.Your calling is breaking barriers and setting people on track.You are a blessing to the whole wide world.I promise to give my world the best of my calling….

  3. Mr Soriyan.. you are indeed an inspiration. I imbibed a few years ago that I will not become a victim of negative and unfavorable circumstances even if the prevailing situation infers to the contrary. This has helped me weather a couple of storms in my sojourn through life and also grow in faith and belief in my GOD-GIVEN abilities. It remains an incontrovertible fact that one cannot rise above his/her thinking.. i have hence dilligently cultivated a focused and positive mindset to guide me through to my expected end. Life i have found out is a choice …to live in pain or live in gain… to be poor or to be rich…I CHOOSE LIFE!

  4. Thought provoking piece I must say. What bothers me however is that those in question- the 80%- may never get to read something like this. Talking about the youth, can someone help me tell them to stop wasting time in soccer viewing houses? Stop ”sleeping” on facebook, stop surfing the web for love poems or how to make a good conversation on a first date….the list goes on.
    On my own part, I’ve decided to spend more on my mind even now that I know that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

  5. Well said! The hope for Change in our Society, largely, lies in the hands of a few PRUDENT and RESPONSIBLE individuals.

  6. This is provocative! May we be able to know what to stop doing and what to start doing and the wisdom to know the difference.

  7. A word is enough for the wise, they say. This piece is indeed thought-provoking and I reckon with every part of it. As true as your argument is, it is also sad to know that there will always be marginalisation, social stratification and the lack of freewill too. The question each person must ask therefore is that, “am I ready to be part of the 20% or remain in the 80%?” That question, whether asked or acted, is the beginning of the change every determined individual gets.

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