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As a listener and reader on smooth-Life with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN, my relationship with you is one thing that I CHERISH the most. And it is in the same spirit that I say HAPPY HOLIDAY even as I welcome you to today’s post of the show. Of course, today is always a focus on LESSONS from FAILURE and like I shared this morning, the critical idea for today was a continuation of last week’s episode which centered on DIGNITY.

I maintained very strongly last week that the meaningful difference between my life now and my life then, is DIGNITY. I went on to drive home the point that whether it is a corrupt politician, a wild rapist, a disrespectful subordinate, a violent gang leader, a substance abuser, an armed robber, sex worker, an “aristo girl” or whoever, when a human being has not come to terms with his or her human dignity, misbehaviour and nuisance value are the natural experience the person will communicate at different levels. The capacity to withhold judgment and employ restrain is what is missing when the human spirit cannot connect to or define his or her dignity.

See, Human relationship, communication, and businesses are all about selling and buying things of value. If I buy a product, how much value does it add to my life? If I buy information, how much value does it add to improve my life? If I get respect, which is what other people pay me, how much does it add to my human value? It seems as though we are at a market place.  It seems everyone is subject of sale and comparison in this human market. In this human market, we “buy” someone by persuading someone to trust us; and we sell someone by persuading others to trust that someone. People will always invest in the estimation of what they think you are worthy of. If they hold you in high esteem, your dignity elevates and you feel good.  If, on the contrary, they underestimate you, they give you a lower price than your real value, you feel bad. People appraise you, what they believe you deserve as a person, and your dignity depends on them.

However, you have your own idea about you…your “I-image”. That image is defined by your price.  You give your own estimation of your worth and what you deserve, thus your self-esteem forms. Sometimes you value yourself lower than people think you are worth and you sell yourself cheap. Sometimes, you value yourself higher than you really are or higher than people think you are. See, it comes down to the premium you place on yourself, not just by words and determination, but by the habitual application of principles. When you understand this, you know immediately that the best of you cannot be defined by the weak standards of a weak majority, otherwise called society. Instead, you live by this high code that governs your entire thinking, attitude and behaviour in such a way that earns the respect of the best minds anywhere, regardless of the issue.

The drive-home point is that each of us possesses the highest human value. Internal freedom is the best way to appreciate and express this great human value. That’s where the dignity is defined. Internal freedom is freedom from fear of being judged, of being charged a low price, and freedom from doubts about dignity. The only fear an internally free man has is fear of going against his conscience. Our Society will know its freedom when its people know their dignity. This is dignity. This is the life. What is your PRICE? How do you define your DIGNITY? Get off naivety and   decide today to let your dignity define your worth. Most importantly, identify WHAT YOU WILL STOP DOING and WHAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO DO. And don’t just read this, please feel free to share your thought here. Go!

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  1. Hello Kunle,
    Once again another great Write up. a lovely way to start my day. Thanks for that. I wonder if its possible to get a collection of your “lessons from failure” write ups.. They are so inspiring.

  2. I really enjoy this piece…. I can’t imagine a life without define dignity, it’s like a journey without destimation… I will live to what I believe will add value to my dignity not what I see others are doing to make it blow.. I will do my thinking myself and get out of the crowd.

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