Whether GOOD or BAD,can you TELL your STORY in a COMPELLING way?

Telling a compelling story

Every one and every brand has a story

I am so excited to share this thought on what I consider the PATHWAY to your GREATNESS in life. See, since the emergence of the 21st century, the PACE OF CHANGE has sped up to DIZZYING LEVELS and globalization, rapid-fire technological innovation, increasing demands of welfare economics as well as the impact of the post-recession realities, have pushed economies into a state of ceaseless turmoil. The 21st century is indeed confronted with opportunities and filled with threats. Those who understand how to ply their way through the global terrain seize the opportunities; those who DO NOT are greatly threatened.

PURPOSEFUL STORY TELLING is a CRITICAL TOOL for the times. There is great power in the idea of SELLING yourself to the world in a COMPELLING NARRATIVE. A few years ago, a pale woman with crazy eyebrows and a guitar to her back made a video of herself, wearing a kimono and holding up hand shaped signs on a street in Melbourne. One by one, the signs flipped, explaining that the woman had spent the last 4 years writing songs. She was a musician, and had parted ways with her record label, which had said the cost of her next album would be a whopping $500,000. She and her band mates were happy to no longer be with the label, and had worked hard to create some great new music and art. But they couldn’t finish producing the record on their own. She needed people’s help to get it off the ground and to make what was now her business – independent music – work. “This is the future of music,” one of her signs read. And then she posted the video on Kickstarter. In 30 days, it raised $1.2million. 24,883 people pre-ordered the album, bought artwork, or simply donated money. The album and tour became a huge success, and the artist turned her music into a real and profitable business. The woman in the Kimono, if you haven’t heard the story before, was Amanda Palmer, and she went on to give a massive TED talk about the incident. Palmer CHANGED THE GAME for independent musicians with that campaign. And she did it, NOT by simply asking for money, but by telling her story. The Future Of The World Belongs To Storytellers.

Experts agree that one of the PRIMARY LIFE SKILLS in the world today, is storytelling. Many companies today focus on creating BRAND STORIES through SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. They use New Media platforms to get people TALKING ABOUT THEIR BRANDS and SHARING them with their friends. Stories have been an essential driver of change throughout human history. For good and for ill. And now, more than ever, those seeking to GET AHEAD have unique opportunities to sell their ideas, spread their messages, and make change, through storytelling. Your life is a series of events that all make up one long narrative. How you tell your stories and what you share with other people, can make you or break you in whatever area you are trying to succeed in. The critical idea is, STORYTELLING is a SKILL those who MUST SURVIVE in the 21ST CENTURY MUST MASTER. As the competition for mindshare and the riotous jostle for scarce resources continues to heat up, people with POWERFUL PERSONAL BRANDS will have a leg up on getting jobs and being promoted within them. And personal brands are built on, amongst other things, telling and sharing great stories.

The question is, are you in control of your narrative? You owe it to your relevance to control it? The wisdom cannot be over-emphasized; THE WORLD IS NOT WAITING FOR YOUR BEST OR WORST EXPERIENCES. Whether bad or good, the world is waiting for how the story will be told. Events don’t drive the world, the way the stories of the events are told drive the world. And no one is going to tell your story for you. NO ONE! Your story is in your LIFE and in your MOUTH and on your KEYPADS. You MUST tell it yourself the way it should, or history will tell it the way it shouldn’t. THIS IS THE LIFE! And just before you go on to say thank you for this insight, understand that the GOAL of KNOWLEDGE is to figure out WHAT you MUST STOP DOING and WHAT YOU MUST START DOING. GO!

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  1. Thanks alot sir, but sometimes i do feel i have no stories to tell about being a failure because to be sincere sir,i have never had a major set back and most times i wish i had them. So how can i tell exciting stories that will touch the heart even without setbacks. Daniel Joseph

    • You don’t have to fail to have a story. I wish I haven’t failed where I failed. You are a better person than me. Value your innocence and the caution energy God used to save u from failures. Your innocence in itself is loaded with stories. Tell it.

  2. Hmmm, great insight sir!
    God bless!

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