I give a warm welcome to everyone reading this post. Today is about homeland and the central thought is built around LOVE; the ESSENCE OF HUMAN EXCHANGE. The best of relationships can only be defined by the consideration we give to each other. This consideration is what allows us to match through our differences. See, each of us comes from a different background and because of this fact; our thinking pattern will differ in different ways. If that is so, our behavior can never be the same, our lifestyle will contradict and be at variance with that of others, people will never see things the way we do, people will make mistakes just as you make yours, people will irritate you, just as you will irritate others, people will react to situations just as you will do when you are in it. As a matter of fact, people have become who they are due to the influences of their individual backgrounds. The content of that influence, whether inspiring or harsh, is the governor of the behavior and attitude people display. It means that no one is self-made, we are all product of influences. The imperfection of behavior is, in itself, guaranteed by nature. If every human were perfect, every other human being will be unnecessary. It is the incompleteness in the lives of people that defines the relevance of the significant others they allow into their lives. If the person you dislike or the one that irritates you is in himself perfect, you will not even have the opportunity to dislike him or get irritated by him because he will be so perfect, you will be absolutely unnecessary in his life.

Tolerance is a precursor to balance and peace, and empathy is the strength of tolerance. When you have the maturity to stay in the shoes of others to experience their world, you will always be in a better position to appreciate their struggles and determine how you can help. However, empathy is impossible when self-centeredness holds sway. When the human spirit is incapable of defining reality outside his or her own personal experience, feelings, happiness and pain, he becomes automatically incapable of (1) Honest self-evaluation and (2) Automatically incapable of stepping into other people’s shoes. With these two, empathy is defeated, selfishness, sentiments, bias, and prejudices takes the center stage. The picture I just painted is a major challenge in our environment. Different experiences in the lives of people have conditioned them to accept their selfishness and prejudices above their morality, virtue and essence. So, it is easier to find what I want than to appreciate what others need. It is easily expressed in how we relate with one another and the refusal to invest time, energy and resources in the environment that binds us together. This is the Life! Remain in this thought and let it guide your action going forward. Let’s connect from here. Stay SHARP!

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