The hiding hand

Should we always look before leaping?

In every endeavour in life, whether relationships, project, career or business, there is a HIDING HAND that doesn’t let us have all the knowledge we possibly can have about a situation ahead. If we probably were able to ESTIMATE ACCURATELY the challenges we would face down the road, we will NEVER VENTURE.

Usually, we have built our castles in the air, we have imagined utopia and life has its own way of hitting us bare knuckles. Life does this not to shame us but to REINVENT us. What is at surface value, perceived as failure or a wrong choice, is testing our grit or forcing us to seek new ways of living or doing that which will help our long term good, not our IMMEDIATE COMFORT.

There are always TWO UNDERESTIMATIONS in situations like this. An underestimation of the DIFFICULTY and an underestimation of our CREATIVITY TO OVERCOME OUR DIFFICULTIES. Usually, we are culpable in both aspects of our evaluation.

The lesson is this: GIVING UP IS NOT ALWAYS THE WAY FORWARD. Quitting is our easiest option but not our best recommendation. People have quit just short of a breakthrough, discovery, or success. Our generation is not one that values the message of perseverance in the face of difficulties. “HANG IN THERE” is not what we like to hear.

Only God knows how many marriages or relationship would have been saved, how many projects or businesses would have succeeded if only people had learned to “hang in there”. The world DOESN’T celebrate QUIT STORIES but SUCCESS STORIES. No success seminar is packed full of people eagerly waiting to hear how others have quit. People only pay to hear stories of PASSION, GRIT, PERSEVERANCE, CREATIVITY and INTEGRITY.

The LESSON once again is that OUR DIFFICULTIES are NOT always signs of a wrong choice but a DEMAND to REINVENT and live creatively to support our purpose and long term good.

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