When you are TREADING A NEW PATH: A new business, project or marriage. It is ERRONEOUS to think you have the accurate map within you to navigate the territory. Especially in marriage, it only takes conflicts to wake you up to that reality.

When you have those conflicts, it is normal because two FULLY FORMED INDIVIDUALS with DIFFERENT MAPS are coming together. Even in business, an inaccurate map leaves you unprepared to face the forces of market conflicts. What you needed at this point is CONTINUOUS EDUCATION. Yes! You must continue to study business, relationships until your understanding of the territory improves.

YOUR INITIAL MISTAKES, whether in business, career or relationships are PARDONABLE if you HAVEN’T walked this path before. Continuous education will ULTIMATELY reduce your error rate.

Another second ingredient to add is MENTORING AND COACHING. You must SEEK CREDIBLE PEOPLE who have walked the path you are treading and have SUCCEEDED. The journey of life is full of intricacies and knotty issues you can’t unravel or untie on your own. You should access their wealth of wisdom. Wisdom suggests you should learn from other people’s experiences and failures and not entirely your own. Don’t claim to know it all. You won’t live long enough to make and correct all your mistakes. So be smart.

To succeed in building a family or business, pursue continuous education and seek the guidance and mentoring of credible people.

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