Your DESTINY is at RISK, if you CAN’T DISCERN This!(on ENVY)


Do you recognize the evil(in people) lurking around you?

One of the lessons from failure is ineptitude at recognizing and managing one’s propensity to envy or its inclination in others. It’s rare among men to find those who have developed the faculty to smell envy. While we don’t have to go around like bloodhounds on an envy witch-hunt, it is important to recognize that THE DEFINITION OF AN ADVERSARY BEGINS WITH ENVY, whether in yourself or others.

There are 3 KINDS OF ENVY.

One that says I CAN HAVE EVERYTHING BUT YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE EVERYTHING. It is an audacious and compulsive pursuit of SUPERIORITY and BETTERMENT. It seeks to perpetually keep all the aces and doesn’t understand why you should have anything good or advantageous. As it is not easily concealed and therefore easily discernible, it is not the worst kind of envy and It is called POPULAR ENVY.

The second is called STRATEGIC ENVY. This kind of envy DOESN’T MIND the height of your ACHIEVEMENTS and will be excited by it. But this is the fault-line, it often WONDERS WHY it DOESN’T HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE. The people who exhibit this are THOSE CLOSEST TO YOU which makes it deadly. They can be your best friend, closest ally, cousin, brother, sister, parents etc. It confirms the biblical saying that a man’s enemies are those closest to him.

The third kind of envy SAYS I UNDERSTAND WHY I SHOULDN’T HAVE IT AS LONG AS NO ONE HAS IT. This is called CONTENTED ENVY. It is NOT AMBITIOUS at all unlike popular or strategic envy. Contented envy is passive and satisfied with why it cannot have. It is not willing to pay any price that suggests that it can better its lot.

This ENVY wants everyone SMALL and CONTENTED WITH MEDIOCRITY. It DEFINES QUALITY by EQUAL pain, equal struggle, equal loss, misery or lack. All those who hate capitalism are here and also includes most drivers, house maids, domestic assistants and artisans in Nigeria. They understand why they shouldn’t have too much success in their lives and do not understand why anyone else should have such success.

I will like to emphasize again the SIMPLETON’S THINKING and naivety that ASSUMES EVERYONE around you are at PEACE with your DESIRES, EXPECTATIONS, GOALS or ACHIEVEMENT. Envy is wretchedly in people and ONLY ANOTHER KIND OF CONSCIOUSNESS OR INTENTIONAL EDUCATION CAN ELIMINATE IT in any man.

Envy in people is almost nature. LIVES and DESTINIES have been DESTROYED because people REFUSED to DISCERN and INTERPRET the expression of ENVY around them. Some do BUT ignore what they see. IT IS YOUR DUTY to see, look, discern, interpret, reassess, conclude and take a decision and act.


MANAGING ENVY is a LIFE SKILL needed for your balance and safety. ENVY IS ONE OF THE EARLIEST DISPLAY OF EVIL IN PEOPLE. Refuse to only define people by their outer roles. Nature will always nudge you to take a second look at the thought or action of someone around you. Don’t ignore the nudging especially if it bothers you.

If you have seen the whiskers of envy, you must PROBE INTENTIONALLY. You must JUDGE BY HONEST REVIEW and EVALUATION. You must discern to know the difference between the attitude you saw and the one that is ideal. After that INTERPRET. Name the situation for what it is rather than what you want it to be.

Then REASSESS. To reassess is to brief a trusted voice in your life in the form of a COACH, MENTOR or COUNSELOR and listen to their judgment of the situation. The goal of reassessment is to ensure you are free of bias, sentiment and prejudice.

Afterwards, CONCLUDE. Conclude by taking a decision based on the decision between you and your trusted voice and act on it.

SPOTTING envy at the SPEED OF EXPRESSION and managing it is critical for peace, meaning and balance in every human life. Many have experienced untold hardships, untimely termination of purpose and existence simply because they refused to develop the capacity to discern and manage envy, both the one in them and the one in others.

The discernment and management of envy is a skill that MUST be mastered. Don’t set yourself up for failure by refusing to see this. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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  1. God bless you sir for this information.I guess we all really need to work on our lives especially on our emotions..

  2. Word of Wisdom!

  3. Wow! This is timely…Thanks

    Please can I re-blog this on the “featured” category of my blog ( )… it will definitely reflect who the author is and also direct readers back to this blog.

    Thanks once again.

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