You need to see through someone else’s eyes

One of the goodness of failure is its capacity to instruct on hindsight. As I look back on my own experiences and seek to share about my past failure, I hope you learn a thing or two about the folly of self-conceit. No where does this folly show itself greater than in its self-assured ignorance, disdainful and close-minded attitude to knowledge and the wisdom of other people.

Growing up as a young man, I was naturally gifted with a philosophical, analytical and persuasive skill, a posture that allows me to somehow be ahead of my peers in general interpretation of issues as well as in identifying options. The early recognition of this gift required mentoring and guidance that would have made it more objective, usable and rewardable.

For many common reasons including youthful exuberance, I ignorantly, sincerely and zealously abused this gift. Now I understand that the brewers of evil are not necessarily evil people. They are usually those who were outwitted by evil to do unto themselves the greatest damage, even though sincerely. A warped mindset produced an over confidence that blinded me to the vital channels of truth and development that I needed so badly. Instead, I looked for the solutions only within myself and my obviously limited experience. I acquired a blindness to the wisdom of others and the curiousity it deserves. This was my undoing!

In no time, I became hooked on drugs, girls, parties, fashion, joined the cult and was failing academically. All these culminated into my leaving the University 2 months to my final exam. Hmmm! This slowed down my journey in life, incurring a price of misdemeanour I’m yet to fully recover from in spite of my present enviable status.

I have come to learn that the best of what we will become is not necessarily in us nor within our own opinions alone. Though always within our reach, it is never always within us. We owe it to ourselves to stretch beyond the limit of our personal experiences to find our greatest humility and connect it to the strength and unique advantage that only others can provide.Most of the solutions to our problems and complexities must be greeted with a fact-finding, probing and research posture. We must seek to understand the nature of things, not as they appear to be but as they really are.

Our first contact with new knowledge should be with humility and curiousity, not prejudice, bias, sentiments and self justification. This is because the knowledge that will deliver or create destruction are both rarely recognized in their true capacity at first contact. That is why LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT is subjective as it is not based on actual knowledge of the object of affection. There is a short-sightedness that comes with the arrival of a new experience that makes it difficult for mere men to embrace prescience except by divine interventions. Prescience is our capacity to anticipate future events, or more like this – seeing the end from the beginning. Because of this limitation, It is therefore important that we withhold judgement when coming in contact with old and new knowledge from within ourselves and especially from others.

We need an openness of mind that gives the entrance of knowledge a soft landing. This attitude doesn’t mean approval or acceptance but surely, it creates a platform for clarity. Afterwards, probing and questioning then become tools for fairly judging the veracity and credibility of the new knowledge.To ignore this commitment is to schedule seasons of sincere self-initiated attacks against one’s destiny and an unconscious self-sustained effort to slow yourself down.To go far in life and achieve destiny, I advice you stay open always and embrace the humility that says all of what I know is great, but all of what I must learn is even greater.

When the mind is not directed along these lines, the automatic experiences are losses, pains, regrets, and a life which learning never translates into a knowledge of the truth. And this is a terrible place to be! No matter who you are or what you do, as a rule, please stay open, stay curious and fact-find. Be quick to hear and slow to speak, calm in listening and slow to judge. Refuse to err on major matters of life by seeking guidance instead of experimenting.

Always remember, personal experience is always limited experience and wisdom necessitates an ability to stay open to knowledge and leverage the collective experiences of others to enrich your perspectives. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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  1. Great masterpiece Sir, thanks for this teaching, conceptualized from your personal painful yet valuable experience….The importance of seeking for the help of a mentor, even when it looks like we’ve known it all can never be over emphasized….wish to be your protege soon…

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