PODCAST: The Disheartening Disparity Between Africa’s Consumption Habit And Her Capacity to Produce

The culture we should ADOPT

The culture we should ADOPT

The African Consumption habit

The African Consumption habit

CONSUMPTION is KEY! But the consumption that does not underscore production is nuisance value. I have said again and again that AFRICA is the WORLD’s single largest liability

we CONSUME what we don’t PRODUCE and PRODUCE what we don’t CONSUME

no economy can survive under this equation. Invariably, since the emergence of the 21st century, globalization has created new possibilities and at the same time new discontents. And today, income per person has risen by an amazing rate of 3.2% faster than any other period in human history. The wisdom therefore is for us to spot our possibilities and maximize them, thereby recognizing the culture that sustains the circle of consumption and make a conscious effort to get on the production side.

The question is, how much do you consume and how much do you produce? What is your personal balance of trade? What will you do today? How long do you want to remain in all of those hypnotism that have kept you long-bound?

Get off naivety, listen to this podcast and explore the insight and revelation therein. Know this:only those who engage in production will win. Play NOW!

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  1. Sometimes its this craze to act like we’ve got it when we’ve actually lost it… and the WEST prey on our ignorant and insatiable appetite for mere luxuries, coming up with new models of these toys to just make the AFRICAN feel good…..depleting our resources just to keep up with the joneses. How else can u explain…students brandishing Blackberry phones without any achievement commensurate? or carrying Brazilian hair worth almost a thousand dollars that can start anyone a small scale business? or wear clothes just to impress those around while actually we feel empty on the inside? just window dressing..mere cosmetics…

  2. I have always thought along this line as well. People always want to flow with the trend and grow it! This is a vice and a lot has been affected by the virus

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