Which do you care about-The IDEALS of a FAMILY or the TOOLS that create it?

SmoothLife on Family

How FAMILY influences our SOCIAL and ECONOMIC transformation

While it is easy to blame corruption, crime, tribalism, nepotism etc as the culprit of an unstable and wanton nation, one discreet and subtle culprit that escapes a superficial investigation is a degraded family institution.

How do we bring this artful dodger to book?  Is the family now a faceless entity? NO! It is people that make up the family. It is the people, who fail to see that the tools for creating a family are not equal to the ideals or principles that sustain the family.We need to hold them  accountable for the lack of maturity that creates this mess.

The tools that create a family are simple events such as sex, wedding, self preservation through procreation etc. The principles, ideals and wisdom needed to sustain a family are of a different mold and include quality of thinking (philosophy or concept of marriage), discipline and morality.

Problems arise when tools are celebrated above ideals and purpose. This leads to an abuse of the family institution and IGNORANCE PRECEDES ABUSE. Abuse then is the root cause of the moral decadence that prevails in society today.

I say this because wrong concepts will create dysfunctional families that will give birth to ideologically defective individuals that will go ahead to exhibit unlawful behaviours or perverse judgments that weaken society. Because society is an offshoot of the family institution, this is how society perpetuates wrong value systems – dysfunctional families.

If all of us are products of a family and a typical family runs a defective “behavioural-shaping curriculum”, we can imagine the products of that family and society – sexual abuse, violence, armed robbery, corruption, cultism, etc. We can also imagine the products of a family that runs an effective curriculum – sanity, integrity, exemplary leadership, development, a holy regard for the human life etc

Parents and adults become defective when the primary motivation to initiate the institution is merely sexual pleasure or a need to prove their maturity, based on the weak standards of societal norms and expectation to get married.

How can we correct this?
1.      Thinking
Adults must ensure they have the right mental framework or concept for starting a marriage. They must understand its demands, responsibilities and benefits for social and economic transformation, individual and collective fulfillment. They must shape their own thinking and those of their children to achieve these ideals.

2.      Discipline
Adults must train their children to obey rules and regulations. They themselves must model the exact positive values they want to see in their children and society.

3.       Morality
Adults must have a strong and effective moral code that guides their actions and judgment, and they must skillfully impart this into their children.

This is straight talk! Only when adults starting a family pass the test of a mature and holistic thinking, demonstrate high discipline and maintain a sound moral code, can we begin to herald the social and economic transformation we dream of. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful article it is indeed enlightening and educating thus l quite agree with you that the family system has a big role to play in the moral decadence in our society today hence parents np longer adhere to the tenets of our families

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