EVENT: ProfitMAX™—Better Deals, Bigger Profits.

PROFIT MAX-for the Discerning CEOs

PROFIT MAX-for the Discerning CEOs

The ProfitMAXTM Session is EXCLUSIVELY for DISCERNING CEOs. The Program reveals the peculiar realities and challenges of most businesses in Africa and how to overcome them better, faster, cheaper and more ethically. Our studies have revealed uncommon truths that every CEO must discover and begin to consciously sustain. ProfitMAXTM will help business owners to: (a) Appreciate the need to create and sustain a CULTURE of LONGEVITY for their businesses by harnessing and deepening a CLEAR and USABLE Corporate Culture of INTENTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS, SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EMPATHY, INNOVATION, LOYALTY and OWNERSHIP. (b) Discern and Communicate the VALUES and BELIEFS the NEW CORPORATE CULTURE is based on, practically instill it throughout the organization in a USABLE and TRANSFERABLE format, deep enough to govern behavior, and then allow it to drive quantum leaps in profitability through change.

Choose EITHER of these dates

Day 1: Friday 13th of December, 2013  Between 12noon-2 p.m
Day 2: Saturday 14th of December, 2013 Between 10am-12 noon
Venue: The BRAIN TUBE, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. Lagos.

These sessions are HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE and STRICTLY by INVITATION. If you wish to be invited for this session, view further details and  fill the FORM HERE

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