Top SECRET for WINNERS:Social Intelligence

Be socially wise and get ahead

Be socially wise and get ahead

Even as technology shapes the dynamics of human interaction and engenders the creation of new tribes (connections based on enthusiasm about an idea), it never undermines the importance of good social skills. Whether we are interacting face to face or via the various social media platforms, it never changes the fact that we are engaging real human beings with real thoughts and needs.

As our optimum existence in the 21st century thrives on collaboration, we will be more effective in achieving success and relevance when we leverage on good social skills. In fact, our ability to adapt to our social environment is more important to our future success than anything we have learnt in academics.

Are we just talking about how to make friends here? No, not necessarily am I trying to convey this idea as much as pointing out the need for a broad-based social intelligence that helps us to effectively navigate complex human relationships and environments. This is buttressed by Edward Thorndike, a Columbia University professor who said “The best mechanic in a factory may fail as a foreman for lack of social intelligence”.

People possessing good social intelligence have a wide circle of acquaintances, a knack for finding a common ground with others and for building rapport. Most importantly, they possess a knack for finding the very few and key relationships that makes all the difference. They understand that nothing of great importance gets done alone. Such people have a network in place when the time for action comes. They know the secret of true charisma, that people get interested in you because you are interested in them.

Because I’m convinced that social intelligence can help you get a job, promotion, win new friends, develop influence and give you a better outlook on life, I will share with you four ways of developing your social skills:

1. Practice
Spend time interacting with others. Meeting new people, conversing with them and getting to know them will develop your intuition about people.

2.Take the risk of originality
Learn to express your true thoughts and feelings and behave in an authentic manner, regardless of what you think people will think about it. However, please do this in a way that protects your integrity and decency.

Ask people close to you for feedback on the effectiveness of your social skills and the gaps that you need to close. Feedback according to Ken Blanchard is the breakfast for champions. Don’t ignore your blind spots.

Interact with people with good social skills, observe their art and practice it. Only ensure they have your kind of values, decency and integrity. This is the best way to learn social skills. Hang out with individuals who are people-savvy.

I will be satisfied if after reading this post, you begin to consider the development of your social intelligence as important as your academic intelligence or achievement. So go out there today, CONNECT with people, WIN and THRIVE.

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