Are You Just BLINDLY OPTIMISTIC or Expressing Real FAITH?

What do you SEE

What do you SEE?

Contrary to the credit card scheme of purchase, where you can have now and pay later, the Price Of Success though high must be paid in full before it grants you its perks. Success, like a revenge-seeking bull, will exact extraordinary boldness and courage from you.

Call it optimism, being audacious or divine intervention; still we all need that component in our pursuit that sparks the hope of a better future. Unless you are able to believe deep on the inside regardless of what is on the outside that the future will be better, it will be difficult to step up and take responsibility for making it so.

We need a faith that looks on the brighter side of things, a FAITH that can be understood in 3 dimensions:

1. An automated belief in your own power to make your life and your future better.
2. A belief that the negative events in your life are in themselves not permanent, personal or pervasive.
3. A belief that positive events in your life are personal, permanent and pervasive.

To succeed in any human endeavour or fulfill your own potential, you must arm yourself with these 3 dimensions of faith. This kind of belief system trudges through the sometimes, muddy terrains of life with a deep conviction that says “if I continue to commit, pursue, remain alert and optimistic, I will eventually win. It’s just a matter of time.”

It is the determinant of how you interpret situations, even positive ones. It is what makes you counsel yourself that bad things happen to everyone and your response is the arbiter of the real outcome. It is also what makes you tell yourself, even in positive circumstances that this is not a fluke and that you are deserving of this great experience.

Also, there is a fourth dimension of faith that expresses itself when the results you desire go beyond your human capability and it is called the ‘God factor’. It is a faith that allows you to tap into a capacity beyond your human capability. It is the assurance that lets you know that even if your effort fails and you come to your wits end, the universe is designed to support you at those critical times, if you reach out to it. It is the confidence to reach beyond yourself to an unlimited resource and provision that is found in the ‘God Factor’.

However we should be careful not to be sidetracked into blind optimism, coming from an inordinate focus on outcomes and a disconnect from reality. To guarantee the future, we must be active in the present, that is, we must learn to align our actions with the future we prefer.

Don’t be a fool whose eyes are always at the ends of the earth, which sees so clearly into the future that he forgets where he is.
” Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desires
Also do not over focus on the fourth dimension that you neglect your responsibilities in the first three dimensions.

The future we desire can be 5 seconds, 5days ,5 months, one year or even 10 away. What matters is that your conduct in the moment is always a critical pathway to the future you desire. No outcome will occur without the sensible application of yourself today. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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