Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

It worth mentioning again that the diverse majority in our country must resist the thinking that only in our separation can our peace be ultimately found. It is a wrong thinking aptly refuted by the success of nations such as Singapore, The US and even post- apartheid South Africa. These nations have managed to subjugate their diversity to a common national interest and have displayed great wisdom in handling their diversity.

I mentioned in the last post on diversity that their success rest on five ideologies – Identity, Legitimacy, Penetration, Participation and distribution.

Identity implies a subordination of your original identification with a religion, tribe or location to a unifying national identity. We are to view ourselves first and foremost as citizens of a nation above tribe, ethnic or religious sentiments. Legitimacy speaks to a display of commitment by the people to a government they have selected and accepted. It suggests that we must accept the wisdom of a government when it delivers the value we understand and prefer while when we are totally rejecting its foolishness, we must have the character to seek to understand it.

Penetration demands that government must reach out to all people everywhere on the land and get them to want to follow (desire) and to follow (act on) its ideas, rules, laws and commands. Penetration will be realistic when government demonstrates a visible willingness and commitment to meeting people’s basic needs and satisfying the freedom, the right, attention, peace, welfare and resources their individuality deserves.

Now, Participation discusses people’s needs to participate and have a say in the affairs of their state and government. Here every atom of talent, gifting and individuality is represented in all affairs of state. Please I mention only talent, gifting and individuality not colour, ethnicity, religion, race or tribe. Participation demands that everyone is carried along in the creation and sustainability of resources and opportunities within the nation to achieve the kind of peace and prosperity that in itself meets the individual and collective aspirations of the people.

It includes equal opportunities for children to grow up, to hone and grow their careers without manmade barriers and limitations. It is an ideal that supports the freedom, creativity and individuality every citizen deserves regardless of the language they speak, where they are from and the religion they practice. It promotes meritocracy while regarding the less privilege that providence has not naturally endowed to compete favourably within the strict demands of excellence and merit. It poisons the pettiness and prejudices that discriminate opportunities for people based on class, religion and ethnicity.

Lastly, Distribution is about who gets what, when and how. However, if the principles of identity, legitimacy, penetration and participation are already in force as the primary experience of every citizen, distribution becomes a very simple and automated experience of the people.

Let’s call the bluff of the falsehood that our diversity is a weakness or limitation. What we need now is to accept that we can think and solve problems. We need the courage to define and accept our diversity as a unique blessing and embrace the mental rigour and exertion to convert it to great value. We must press for creative interdependence without hatred, bias or sentiments.

I will mention it again, to deny the great possibilities just because the effort has not been invested will be unfair to our national integrity and peaceful coexistence. We are where we are only because we have not stretched enough to find out the other great places we can be. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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