Will you fulfill your Life Mission or Betray it?

Fulfilling MISSION

Fulfilling MISSION

The search for meaning in human life is an indication of the meaning and mission that is called life itself. The intrigue called life lies in the ambiguity that precedes the discovery of our mission and the disciplined pursuit of the mission. Fannon said “each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it”. A choice however lies before  each person, to either fulfill or betray his mission.

The founding fathers of America discovered their mission and fulfilled it. They birthed a nation on strong principles, unrivalled in stature and might today. Leaders such as Churchill during the World War II era rose up to a mission to end Hitler’s proposed Nazi world domination. We will also remember the Zuckerbergs, Larry Pages, Gates, Mandelas who found their mission and embraced it. The world will never forget their contributions.

On the contrary, we have examples of young Africans who rose out of obscurity, discovered their vision and betrayed it. The proof is in the post independence experience of many African countries and leadership.These newly minted independent states soon lapsed into political crisis, economic breakdown and widespread disillusionment among their citizenry.

The question all of these pose is this: what is this generation’s mission? Will it find it? And if it finds it, will it fulfill it or betray it? The answer to this question is in the minds of the principled young men and women who are willing to accept responsibility at a critical level. And these young army will have to confront the now ambiguous moral codes of their times. They must shun the use of activism and social causes for self promotion and enrichment. They must delay gratification, avoid the lures of quick wealth, fame,  and focus on the long term good.

See,  it is the absence of principled living and self leadership that will be the undoing of this generation. I have observed a great deal of potential among our youth and that is commendable. However the moral foundation upon which their potential can find expression is fundamentally fractured. I’m not here referring to religious affiliations but a willingness to stand uncompromisingly for a cause, to rise above self and to genuinely pursue the great cause of the common good.

‘For this generation to achieve its mission, it must be willing to play from a foundation of principles demonstrated in a habitual commitment to maturity through mental, emotional and behavioural governance’.

I will advise the principled young women and men willing to take responsibility for the future of our nation to embrace these ten principles:

1. Put the interest of the institution they serve above their own self interest

2. They should understand that character is defined in the small acts they perform when no one is looking.

3. They should recognize that respect must be earned and nurtured over time and can be lost in an instant.

4. They should promote their people and not themselves.

5. They should take responsibility for their personal failure and the failures of the groups they lead.

6. They should share credit for their successes with the individuals who made them possible

7. They should be consistent and predictable in their decision making and in the exercise of their discretion

8. They should strive to do what is right rather than what is expedient regardless of the consequences to themselves, even if it means death

9. They should not be afraid in making unpopular decision and clearly communicate their rationale for such decisions to those affected by them.

10. They should only serve people and institutions that do not require them to
compromise their principles.

The fate of leaders who live by these principles is that they are not appreciated until they retire, leave the scene or die. But they still proceed with the consciousness that a life of meaning and power begins with the discipline to ensure that our personal egos, feelings and emotions do not override our sense of thoroughness and mission.

We are each called upon to discover our individual mission and fulfill it, standing on maturity grounds. And maturity is the habitual application of principles. THIS IS THE LIFE!

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