Cure for the Festive Season Spending Fever

Take caution! This might be a trap

Take caution! This might be a trap

As the festive seasons of Christmas bring its own euphoria, it is also a time to appreciate the blessings of peace, joy and nobility. It is a time to travel to see good people that we have missed and to say thank you and express gratitude and to love them and show commitment at a new level.

As we prepare for what happens to be the most celebrated holiday in the world, there should be some good time for reflection.

Our reflections will center on some harmful idiosyncrasies often associated with this festive season. This is a time people budget to spend a lot of money on frivolities, criminal activities increase at this time, road accidents; indecent moral exchanges all find expression. Some will go into debt. Some will go on shopping sprees abroad and return to struggle with school fees.

While this is meant to be a season of joy, people can create pain and disappointment in their lives by their unguarded choices and unchecked emotions. The easy victims are those whose emotions are their gods and who find it very difficult to balance excitement and serious exchanges.

Life is not just about being passionate but also about being dispassionate in the expression of your passion. While I don’t disregard emotions, we need to ensure our rational minds are able to tame its wild expressions.

One self-destructive pattern that created some of my past difficulties and which I have also observed in my coaching experience is being emotionally attached to things. We must avoid any emotional attachment that hinders our ability to make tough choices when required. People who don’t manage this kind of situation develop what I call – Invented Stress.

Invented stress is what brings about a loss of inner tranquillity that prevents you from being strong, rational and objective in the moment. It hinders your capacity to hold strong views and sustain deep commitments and principles in a dispassionate manner regardless of the excitement or frustration in a particular moment or season and regardless of what everyone is doing.

Invented stress has cost losses of fortune, marriages, honour and respect. See nothing is crucial if it jeopardizes our inner peace and long term fulfilment. We must refuse the societal pressures that encourage the pursuit of some kind of happiness that leads to the creation of another pain at the end of it. We must stop taking care of a need or problem only to create another when it is satisfied or solved.

Families at this time must understand that the celebration of today that creates your next struggle is actually a trap. You cannot go on holiday and shop around the world, only to return to shame as you struggle to pay school fees, salaries or rent for example. We must reject the option society offers to live above your means because of a faulty standard of honour and respect.

The society tells you that to get the attention your individuality deserves, you have to pass the flawed test of materialism using its weak standards such as the car you drive, the neighbourhood you live, the quality of clothes, shoes or perfume you wear, your holiday destination, the school your kids attend and all of those small minded thinking that goes along with it.

Its unimaginable the weight of compromise people will willingly carry just to fit in with these weak standards. Its mere emotional sentiments, that tells you what you see is all that can be seen. We must develop a helicopter view to see things as they are. At the age of 18, society unwittingly begins to let you know that you have lost your right to live like a king today and live like a beggar tomorrow. This is the character of children.

It is childish to spend like a king this December and seek little change to manage your honour and self dignity in the New Year. Don’t surrender to this pettiness. Avoid thinking you had a great holiday while realizing in January that the holiday had you. Stay in control of your choices and decisions. This is the Life.

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