How Gratitude will Dramatically Improve Your Life in 2014

gratitudeAs we put 2013 in perspective and are embracing 2014 with gusto and renewed enthusiasm, one critical attitude to maintain is gratitude. See – realize that you can’t have all the credit because your achievements are bigger than you. Your significant relationships, customers, mentors, service providers, colleagues, all have roles they have played in bringing you here. It is a collective effort so show some gratitude.

Gratitude is a personality strength, it s the ability to be keenly aware of the good things that happened to you, the good people God used in it and to refuse to take them for granted at any time. Gratitude is a practice and a
way of life. It is about being present in the moment enough to feel the energy of the moment and recognize the goodness that you experience.

No matter how terrible your present circumstances might appear to be, how tough and contrary to meaning it is, understand it could have been worse and you must nonetheless rise above it. Another thing to consider is that
someone in some place is in a far worse situation than you are. The man complaining for lack of good shoes should consider the plight of the amputee. Whatever you are complaining about, someone is thanking God for
it. Breath and existence is in itself a privilege not a right.

One thing that keeps people back from experiencing the personal powers of gratitude is comparing their lives with other people. They are second guessing themselves, wondering how they measure up to standards set by
society, family and popular media. Understand that comparison is a mind killer and the antidote is gratitude.

Gratitude requires that you validate your own life and acknowledge the gifts that are in you. The choices and the changes you have been through have brought you were you are, even if it’s a place that needs a little adjustment.

Gratitude can also be considered your miracle in the new year, if it is not normal to you but you choose to embrace it because you understand its power to turn any difficulty, challenge, or heart ache into a blessing. Gratitude keeps you focused on what is working while attracting opportunities in sync with your dominant thoughts and affirmations. Your perception or translation of a situation is your reality. Optimism as well as fatalism is a choice.

I’m not encouraging you to live in denial but to understand that your interpretation of a situation is what makes it good or bad. We have heard people who have ignored other’s translation of their gifts, talents, looks and lives. They chose their own translation and succeeded. This translation is where your personal power for transformation is hidden. Is your cup half empty or half-full?

A shift towards a more appreciative mindset can trigger incredible changes in your life. Gratitude can help you see the silver lining in the cloud. Gratitude can help you smoothen the sharp edges of any painful experience and usher in a more gentle transition that contributes to your personal growth. Gratitude is what helps you to shed the burden of an unhealthy situation and clear a space for something better to arrive in your life.

Gratitude opens up your life for more. Value the small victories and opportunities for the bigger ones will come. Keep a journal and start counting your blessings daily. Try this starting from this month, write down five things you feel grateful for, once a week for ten weeks. You will be shocked at the energy you will create within and around you. Write gratitude letters to significant individuals in your life. I’m sure it will boost the overall quality of your relationships.

Counting our blessings on a regular basis will improve your mood and over all levels of happiness and health. Expressing this appreciation to others will do so even more. This is the secret in 2014.

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