You Want to Guarantee Your Success in the New Year? Harness the Power of Daily Beginnings



You and I are very familiar with the reflection, enthusiasm, planning, goal setting and resolutions that attend a new year. And this is necessary. Even philosophers and scientist agree that we have the opportunity to set a trajectory for our entire year by how we navigate the beginning.

The interesting thing about Beginnings is that they come laden with potential. It offers just that opportunity to close the chapter on our past failures and to proceed to rewrite our history on a new slate. Beginnings afford us the opportunity to stand on the foundation of past successes and to build something better. Beginning is an opportunity to start again. In it, we can disallow the past, its successes or failure, from creating impediments in the future.

You know the best way to begin again? Start by letting go of what was so that you can focus on what you would like to experience instead. Release yourself from resentments, past mistakes, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt and disappointment. This will help you cultivate the renewed awareness and expansive feelings needed for a fresh start.

The essence of today’s post is that these heightened feeling of enthusiasm, optimism, vision, and resolution that we begin a new year with need not die in the first few weeks. It must be cultivated and sustained anew every single day of the year. We must begin again daily, all through the year like it’s the start of the New Year.

Why do I say this? I have come to understand as a fact of life that there will be series of events, starting from the first few weeks that will seek to deflate your optimism by running contrary to your aspirations. Things will not always go as we planned. The difference maker then will be how we harness the power of new beginnings and deploy it all year round. The present is all you have and where real life happens. The present creates a new path and defines the content of the future.

Since every new day is steeped in the opportunities and power of beginnings, how then can we harness the power of daily beginnings?

1. Make a radical commitment to wonder 
No matter what you have been through or currently going through, try to Imagine the world through the eyes of a child. Joseph pears says it succinctly “The more we can live in constant astonishment, the more we can harness a new dawn in every moment.” Choose to pause, observe and marvel. This makes life more satisfying and connected. It will help you remember that the minor sparks and hiccups, the things we all encounter everyday and often defined as stressors, are totally trivial after all.

2. Keep track of your perceptions 
The power of beginnings hinges on the  power of own perception. A chaplain once spoke with a soldier in a hospital bed, “You have lost an arm in a great cause.” “No”, said the Soldier. “I didn’t lose it, I gave it.” Profound! Between your choice and your perception lies your reality. We must keep track of the inner workings of our minds in harnessing our new beginnings.

3. Keep a journal 
One great way to keep track of the inner workings of our mind is journalling. Get a small diary, jot down a few notes at the end of the day. What was the mood, tone, texture of the day? You can include a few details of the outward circumstances that made an impression on you. Focus on what happened inwards and record it. This will offer you a retrospective guide as you go through the rest of the year. You just mind find clues to understand yourself more as other impressions come along through the year.

All great things have come because of one initial decision to honour that single moment and to make it a new beginning. The beginning of anything has within it the seeds of the totality of that thing. So, begin the year on a great note. BEGIN EACH YEAR EVERYDAY

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