wiviSome couple of years ago, it was all about WiFi and the blessing of wireless connection to the internet via a modem. But now, the new technology spanning through human development would see researchers seeing through the wall – it is called WiVi. WiVi is a demonstration of a technology that uses Wi¬Fi to allow a viewer to “see” a person moving behind a wall (Wi¬Vi stands for “Wi¬Fi” and “Vision”). And soon it will be built in to your cell phone.

MIT professor Dina Katabi and graduate student, Fadel Adib have announced Previous work demonstrated, that the subtle reflections of wireless inter signals bouncing off a human could be used to track that person’s movements, but previous experiments either required that a wireless router was already in the room of the person being tracked, or “a whole truck just to carry the radio,” said Katabi. But studies continue. It’s only a matter of time before this technology is delivered into our reality, changing security dynamics, warfare strategies and our privacy landscape forever. That’s always mankind’s response to changing needs in a changing world. Some human souls have simply accepted responsibility to continue to think of how human life can continue to improve, continue to get better, cheaper and faster. I call it the “productive and contributory posture”. This posture is the one responsible for inventions; and after every successful invention, businesses get started, jobs get created, GDP in impacted, per capita income is raised, multiplier effect is established and the economy continues to receive the instruments needed for socio-economic and political advancement. It is the story of the so-called First World. But if all a whole mass of a particular demography will do is to continue to work hard to grow the purchasing power that empowers them to continue to consume, and continue to discount the productive and contributory posture required for the invention of the usable, transferable and reward-able instruments that defines civilization, then they must be content with being small and disregarded in the comity of nations. This is the story of the so-called Third World.

Let this be our new “mantra”: That our geography is naturally designed to contain the endowments with the potential to make the world a better place to live, grow and love in. It is the natural gifting and right of people everywhere in the defense and promotion of human advancement. It is the preference of the creator and giver of life that each human is blessed with a necessary input of genius to secure his or her relevance under the sun. To communicate and share this individual cum collective genius is the bane of the governments of so-called Third-Worlders. The education that underscores this will define the beginning of our renaissance. And any nation-building effort that fails to accept this as the precursor to change and a key truth to emphasize, defend and promote, has already compromised the best of the human profitability assets that can deliver the value we seek. The human mind, and the recognition and acceptance of its true capabilities is the first effort in true nation-building. The mass education of our people in this direction is the critical renaissance factor for the African continent. For you my dear reader, what will you be remembered for? What meaningful contribution are you making that the world around you can be grateful for? Take this as another wake-up call for you to get off naivety and embrace a sense of mission and thoroughness that will define your legacy and inspire gratitude from the lips of society. This must happen as a matter of supreme urgency. Go!

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