TRUTH is TRUE no matter who thinks otherwise!

your real uBelow is the CONTENT of my LAST THOUGHTS before I went to BED last night: REPUTATION MANAGEMENT and LEGACY-BUILDING DYNAMICS demands that CAPACITY must be REAL and TRUE. Somehow, the HUMAN SOUL has a WEIRD, SELF-DECEPTIVE COMPONENT that ALLOWS the MIND to BELIEVE his or her OWN SCRIPTS as TRUE, in a way that accepts the LIE that FALSE CAPACITY can be BRANDED, MANAGED and PRESENTED as TRUE. Yet, SIMPLY because EVERYTHING NEGATIVE has a LIFE-SPAN in the LONG-RUN, the TRUE CONTENTS of the FAKING PARTY will EVENTUALLY be EXPOSED, and the WEAK CAPACITY will be OPEN to ALL. The WAY to go is to DO the DEEDS, RESIST the TEMPTATION to EMPLOY “MAKE-BELIEVE” in the COMMUNICATION of your TRUE STRENGTH, REFUSE to ALLOW ANYONE DEFINE you or TASK you based on an UNTRUE ASSESSMENT of your CAPACITY particularly in DESTINY SENSITIVE SITUATIONS like PUBLIC OFFICE, CORPORATE APPOINTMENT or DATING unto MARRIAGE. WHAT PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU can give them the ASSESSMENT that LEADS to your NEW ROOM or DOOM. The WISE and HUMBLE SOUL must accept the idea that WHO you ARE is WHO you ARE, no matter who thinks otherwise. You will be BETTER TOMORROW, but WHAT you DO NOW is WHAT you CAN TRULY DO today, even when NO ONE KNOWS. Trust me, this is what will LAST and PASS the TEST of TIME: Be YOURSELF…there is ALREADY a DEFINED PATHWAY to your GREATNESS based on WHO YOU TRULY ARE. STAY TRUE to that PATH; it’s ONLY a matter of TIME before your BEST REWARDS ARRIVE. FAKING IT TODAY to get TODAY’s ATTENTION is nothing but IGNORANCE and SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS. TRUTH is TRUE no matter who thinks otherwise. Olakunle Soriyan

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