When last did I really BELIEVE…?

Belief creates fact!

Belief creates fact!

Many years ago, I began to say, ‘never let down a believer.’ I think what occurred to me was the reality that believers are always very few and when you have one or two, you should cherish them as an invaluable assets. Most people don’t really have people who believe in them; and trust me; most of the so-called friends and people in your life are not real believers. As a matter of fact, you will be lucky to have more than one or two real believers in your life. Even parents, siblings and family fail this test consistently.

Believers are those blessed souls who believe in the good of every human and will invest selflessly in improving same. The second layer of believers are those who understand the dictates and direction of your purpose and destiny in life and are ready to first invest their faith in it and also stand to defend same in the face of the most diligent and virulent adversity. They see the nobility of what we stand for beyond the dictates of our human foibles and are ready to invest all including their personal reputation. They will always defend what they know to be true of you against all odds. They see your destiny as a cause worth defending. Believers are people, I call tomorrow people. They believe so much in your glorious future that they will invest their today in bringing it to pass.

Believers can be mentors or followers, but they pass the test of believe. They even fight some battles on your behalf that they never bring to your notice, lest it appears they are blowing their trumpets or to make you feel you owe them. When they hear anything that is inimical to your destiny, they do not only inform you, they stand with you, and supply all the advice they know about how to respond. With believers, seemingly insurmountable wars are won as if it is cheap. A real mentor is a believer, and a mentor-believer will often see more of yourself than you see of yourself.

Believers are always very few and I have the privilege to have a few in my life. I have faced crises that threatened my whole being and destiny. The crises are so tough that I may not even be here today but for one or two believers, who put their priceless reputation on the line in my defense. They chastised me but they never judged or condemned me. They pointed out my mistakes and yet encouraged me to fight for my destiny. They did not only defend me they offered me unusual opportunities to give expression to the pursuit of my destiny. It’s an incredible luxury every destiny can use.

I have always said, ‘someone has to be solid and it has to be me. We can’t all be weak. We cannot all be crying.’ I understand it better even now. I remember a conversation I had with someone I hold in very high esteem. A devastating accusation has come to him concerning someone he was about to offer an opportunity of a lifetime and this person is someone I believe in and have every cause to defend her destiny. To the accusation, I said, ‘honestly, I cannot say she did not do what she is being accused of, but I do not believe she can do it and therefore I stand by her innocence.’ I did that at the risk of my reputation, but I will not betray my conscience because of my reputation. I will speak the truth of my conscience concerning a person I have cause to believe in, irrespective of the prevailing whirlwind of contrary opinions.

My intervention changed the situation in her favour. I did not discuss the situation with her thereafter, even till today. She does not need to know the role I played in the defense of her destiny, but my conscience knows, and it is pleasing to know that such acts form a critical part of the fulfillment and exceeding reward of a human being. It’s a seed, and someone will do same for me.

The question I always ask is how many people will fight for another when they are not even aware of battle dynamics, and cannot even fight for themselves, not to talk of fighting for themselves? How many people will fight, without minding, who takes the glory? How many really believe? Most people today relate with you based on your perfect behavior. You mean little the day your human frailty rear its head. Our world today lacks believers. We have more critics than we have believers.

Don’t get me wrong, believers will disagree with you and chastise you, particularly those who double as mentors over you. I dare to conclude that if you are easily let down today, it may be because the people you surround yourself with are not believers. But greater than that, it may just be because you are not a believer yourself. Most of the people easily feel let down are themselves believers with strings. They believe only as a service to their ego and self-interest. They set their own limits by the motivation of their belief.

Belief must be seen as a selfless service to humanity, which comes with exceeding rewards to us and humanity. Belief must be exercised fervently and doggedly. I charge you to ask yourself today, when last did I really believe, who are my believers, how are my honoring them and who should I believe in?

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