How converting Human Capital into Intellectual Capital will help Africa

inteWe are presently investing huge budgets on our 100years centenary celebrations. Ghana is also celebrating her independence. I congratulate the people of Ghana because they fairly do have enough to celebrate in terms of the advancements in their socio-economic and political realities as a nation. You should undertake a brief study of the Ghanaian socio-economic and political landscape to be able to fully appreciate what is happening in Ghana. Yet, in my opinion, the economy of the whole of Ghana is crumbs compared to the economy of Lagos State alone. I still cannot fathom why Nigeria cannot boast of 24hours uninterrupted power supply after 100years of existence and 54years of independence.

Someone told me not to count our colonial days as a measurement of our development; but I then ask why we are celebrating it? If it cannot fit into the measurements of our economic and political integrity, then it should not be worth celebrating.  I weep for my country because while in my personal life of a little over 40years, I always have so much to celebrate, my heart breaks at the fate of over 100million Nigerians struggling and engaging hope to define relevance, meaning, and fulfillment for their unique destiny.

I weep because nationally, it seems the only virtue worth rejoicing over will be the gift of existence as a people and as a nation. The dejected look of hopelessness I will most likely see on the faces of numerous Africans as I drive down the streets today, gives me the drive to say what I’m saying now. I work daily to inspire 1% of our population across Africa to accept the believe in our own ability to solve problems, and a belief that our culture and effective structures can and will allow us benefit from our efforts; and that this belief, amongst all else, must be developed and sustained on a large scale, if economic growth, development and global relevance must be attained.

From my research, I see that in 50years, the next dimension of colonization would have began all over so-called 3rd world nations. It’s nothing like the ones we experienced in the hands of the British, French, Portuguese, Italians, Belgians, and so on. No. This time, it will be voluntary with a new kind of contents unimaginable today. The next colonization will be voluntary. Nations of their own accord will submit themselves to more economically and militarily powerful nations. They will be so confounded by the prevailing poverty, misery and sorrow; they will plead with other nations to absorb them as an extension of their country. Nations are already jogging to take their place in this new dispensation of voluntary colonization. Those who will be the ones pleading to be absorbed are already unconsciously getting ready with the apathy, negligence and corruption that characterize their people and their governments.

The adults of 2065 should not be able to live one successful day without looking back at their history to thank God for the actors who did it—the actors who played their roles in 2014 and gave 2065 strength, order, color and pride. They will do that or they will curse our graves and spit at our weak posterity because we so valued our prevailing peace and forgot that children will grow. That should be the narrative. I write today as part of a conscious movement; and as you read today, you may experience a wide range of emotions, don’t allow it do anything to you other than to unnerve and push you toward the innovative edge you must sustain as one of the actors of today. It’s a choice.

Nigeria is ironically ranked amongst some of the poorest nations in the world. The paradox this tenth largest oil producing nation presents is very instructive. It’s now clear that a nation is hardly as wealthy as its stock of natural resources or foreign reserves. It’s now clear that natural resources can even be a disadvantage. In Singapore, a former third world nation, the only thing natural is the people of Singapore and they obviously don’t have the blessing of 160million people. But they are a first world nation today. The co-founder of Facebook has naturalized to a Singaporean! I mean, who drops American citizenship for that of another nation? But Singapore is attracting best brains from all over the world not just to work, but as new citizens. They are not attracting suffering Africans seeking survival; they are attracting prosperous talents from the West and America who seek a different kind of mental usefulness, impact and liberation. What made the difference is hardly a secret. Without the seeming privilege of massive oil reserves, precious stones or minerals, the nation of Singapore was able to rise to such heights of prominence, primarily, through the sheer innovation and determination of ITS PEOPLE…HUMAN CAPITAL! People made the difference in Singapore. The knowledge and ideas of the people and the value inherent in those ideas made all the difference.

Africa needs the doggedness of her people to convert human capital into Intellectual Capital through focused training, people development and a kind of education served as the fulcrum for their critical economic advancement. This has been the strategy of every truly developed nation—heavy investment in Intellectual Capital resulting in cutting edge inventions and innovation, but owned and driven by the people, not just governments. May our leaders see…and may our people even see more. Understand this: The GOAL of KNOWLEDGE is to know what you will STOP DOING and what you will START DOING. Your feedback is important on this platform. Go!

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